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  1. You know, I wanted to make an objectbar theme for this all along, but the actual objectbar software has been going over a remake for a new version and I didn't want to start anything in the middle of a beta. Its nearing completion so if I can get the time together there might be a new one in the near future.
  2. The only problem with having to create a special version for Windows 2000 is I'd have to create many variations. WB5, WB4, WB4+Win2k. Its just a lot of work where there isn't much of a benefit, hence why most authors haven't/don't do it. Its like game makers making their new games compatiable with older hardware. At some point you gotta draw the line unfortantly. I don't think a Win 2000 version will be in the works. It was only a matter of time before everyone started asking about Ice. I feel terrible for the delays I wished I could have had this theme out this time last year. I've had a lo
  3. I'm not sure if thats the WB causing your problem with the Wireless connections. I use a wireless network on one of my other computers, it was running Thallos and it seemed to be fine. I will double check with my blind when I get a chance. Unfortantly I don't believe this theme will run properly on anything other than XP. Windows 2000 doesn't support the graphical feats XP does. As far as not liking Wincustomize, how come? I've always liked the site, fast, easy, organized.
  4. Thanks guys, you learn something new everyday, I wasn't sure if they had added that ability yet, now only if they had the rollup opition, I don't want to drop that from the theme, its very significant in remaking the mac experience.
  5. This thread never dies ..not a bad thing though As far as smooth corners goes, I don't think I will be adding it anytime soon. The main reason behind that is I will lose the function to roll up windows as well as linking buttons to highlight together. I feel the last one is significant enough as it makes the OSX feel as close as possible. I've talked to the creator of Windowblinds and told him my concerns, but me being the only one and lack of themes produced lately they don't seem to care that much about it Now.. its not their fault, that wasn't a bash, just if more show a concern it w
  6. It must be a problem with the latest version of Windowblinds, or perhaps explorer and the way its being attempted to be skinned. That black box is a tga file (aka png for transparency) and I believe that is the cause to this. I will compile a list of bugs and see if I can clear some time to update it.
  7. Yahoo Widget Engine is running at 13MB right now for me. So I guess they haven't fixed that up yet. I got 2GB of ram though, so I'm ok
  8. I'm looking forward to future releases of AveDesk. 1.4 and hopefully a 1.5 and 1.6 I think it's a fantastic application and I've used it since its initial release. AveDesk and Konfabulator or should I say Yahoo Widget Engine :slant: Makes a perfect desktop. No need to run DesktopX imo. Anyways, good luck on 1.4, I'm looking forward to it.
  9. I still perfer using another program for shadows. If I added them, the window frame would be massive in order to fit them properly. I'm talking 20+ pixels. It's just not logical.
  10. See how quickly someone posted about failed links..just imagine if my host dropped out on me :confused: a rather big headache that would be. As mentioned before, they appear to be working now.
  11. Thanks guys, I'm glad to get back into it and I think the new Ice will be one of my best themes if not the best. I want to make sure its perfect before I release it though, so give me time to make it. I'd rather wait longer and release something amazing then quickly finish it. Now lets keep the replies to a minimum so we don't get people complaining about resurrecting old threads
  12. Thanks Peter, I had to take a break from skinning as I got myself into some legal trouble over the last few months. Things are clearing up now and I will try and get Ice finished, the others will have to wait.
  13. Thanks guys, I'll msg Andreas and look at some other skins.
  14. Prolly in the wrong section its a skin made for Avetunes. I assumed AveScripter was the section for talk about scripting desklets.
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