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  1. God Jul & Gott Nytt År ( Merry christmas & a happy new year, in Swedish)
  2. We do the same in Sweden, at least in trollhättan...
  3. i'd say that it's hand drawn, try to draw something similar by hand.
  4. There is actually an app that does that, i think it's called "apple mouse", google it!
  5. Go for the mini! Compact and great as at media center, plus it's rather cheap. Just hook it up to your tv set and stereo and rock on!
  6. Congrats buddy! Keep on flying that kite!
  7. Hum, i'm also havingg the "unable to load itself properly" problem.
  8. poof: you are, and so is everyone else i wish i had some more beer
  9. @pcw: Uteslutningemetoden! i'm from Trollhättan friends have bought stuff there, but not me.
  10. As for operating systems i kindof miss AMIGA workbench! May be just nostalgia talking...
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