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  1. then pre-order Nonny. It's the amount of pre-orders that determines if this project works or not. www.aqua-host.org
  2. well we are June 19th and I have something like 4 people. I am cancelling the aqua-host service. If anyone objects this matter, please bring me more people. I am leaving the pre-orders open and I'll check once in a while...if we ever hit 30 I will contact all who applied and will open your account.
  3. 6days left before I cancel the project.
  4. It seems like people are not interested in 0.50$us hosting. I still have only 2 pre-orders! If by June 19th 2006 there are not 30 pre-orders or more I will cancel this service. Sorry for those interested but for it to work we need people.
  5. Well I normally find its total bull**** although I am glad to have someone try it out and prove it out loud that it won't work. And if it works well that's cool you'll get a Mac Mini! You know perhaps you'll get your Mac Mini but then they will ask you to pay for shipping which will be a mere 380$ including insurance, shipping cost, taxes, norwegian taxes, gas money for the ups driver, taco bell for the poor and the shipping box price. The Mac Mini is free, you just pay for shipping.
  6. Yes, but if you have a php website and no sql table used you can also upload your website through ftp and have it working. If you don't feel like coding an entire website, you can use our web applications available to you for free. Pretty much any CMS, blog, forum or other you can use. And you can modify them to your own will! So what you DON'T have is a website control panel such as PLESK or CPanel. You won't have SQL if you choose the standard hosting and not the application hosting. It would simply be too difficult to create sql databases for each and every accound at a maximum of 0.50$u
  7. Yo Cysco (it rhymes). If you need more space then you need to buy a full account over a D7Hosting.com
  8. Hey Wuzzie, read up on this post, I explained everything about what happened with NeedleMen. http://www.aqua-soft.org/board/showthread.php?t=34144&page=3
  9. What Ari says concerning filesize upload limit. thanks for your support gnome and I hope your site grows beyond your expectations Vitor, I sure do need more help. Just create a mockup and show it up
  10. All right people, we need more pre-order than that! I have something like 3 so far! Don't forget to confirm your subscription once you sent in your e-mail address. If we wanna reach at least 30 we need more people!
  11. You will only need Paypal. You can use Paypal without a credit card. I will offer the option to pay yearly or monthly. 6$us a year or 0.50$us a month Maximum! It can only go lower! UPDATE: Pre-Order Now Available! Subscribe now so we reach 30 faster! Be serious though, once comes the time to buy your account, if less than 30 people buy it, the service will be cancelled. To Pre-Order go to http://www.aqua-host.org and click on Pre-Order then simply enter a valid contact e-mail and I will e-mail you back once we reach 30+!
  12. UPDATE: Website online, pre-order coming very soon. I also have edited the first post to explain the project as it is. PMed Unbe.
  13. As I mentionned, this project will not include any kind of control panel for you. The webspace will not be upgradeable. I am still offering fully-featured with PLESK control panel hosting accounts over at www.d7hosting.com. The lowest package on D7Hosting starts at 5$us/month Aqua-Host will be hosting offered exclusively to the Aqua-Soft members and to a price that makes it almost free. For aqua-host, it will be your subdomain only unless I find a way to apply your own domains to your hosting package. Unbeliever, would you be willing to help me out with some of the design or structure of
  14. Visit Aqua-Host.org Aqua-Host will exclusively offer to Aqua-Soft-org members quality webhosting. For this service to kickstart at a very low cost, Aqua-Host requires a minimum of 30 pre-order. For 30 pre-order here's what you will get: Price: 0.50$us per month Webspace: 830mb Bandwidth: 16 500mb per month If we get more pre-order I will lower the price yet the webspace and bandwidth should stay approximately the same. Aqua-Host will offer you for a maximum of 0.50$us per month Application Hosting or Standard Hosting. Application Hosting will be pre-installed web application
  15. Here's something I must have mis-explained. People keep on blaming me for not warning them more but here's what happened: As I said, I had intentions on keeping NeedleMen up for the free accounts then something happened between me and LiveWireHost which resulted in me closing the account with LiveWireHost. They then agreed to give me a few days so I can tell people to move their things asap. I proceeded to warn people off and not so long after, the ceo of LiveWireHost came up to me and told me they were deleting everything right away. They did not leave me any choice and I did not have enoug
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