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  1. i saw dashboard working on a mac, and when u enter the "konsposé" mod, the dock should go over the WIdget Dock so it remains visible. but actually with Konfab, the widget dock hides the dock... is it possible to do something about that? (i do use aquadock, but i suppose even RK or Object Dock users have the same prob)
  2. Thanx a lot!!!! Can u pleaz tell me why, when i enter in exposé mod my objectbar is not covered with the konsposé background ?
  3. i wanted to ask if anyone has a prob with objectbar in konsposé... the objectbar remains "uncovered" by konsposé...
  4. Thanks a lot!!! Very realisitic!!!
  5. I NEEDED THIS!!!! thanx a lot for sharing!
  6. itunes 4.9 and multiplugin 0.68 = ****tail molotov i have the same prob ...
  7. U GOT IT! I did realize i havent put smileys in the post... Here they are:
  8. frightening! damn! but they will certainly correct all these errors! Netscape shouldnt release it so fast!
  9. First: Scenario=Fiction Second point: i m a Apple Fanatic i ll never say Apple stole anything even it s true But thanx a lot for the complementary informations mubach
  10. Scenario: "Konfabulator is a society that produces a Software for Mac that permits Mac users to put different "widgets" on their desktop. And a day, Mac releases a new a new OS which includes "widgets". The Konfabulator app becomes useless for Mac Users and they wont buy it no more. So Konfabulator' team releases a Windows version of their app. But suddenty M$ releases a new OS that contains widgets too! What will Konfab do then?"
  11. is it possible to skin Nero to make it look like Toast? It would be very cool...
  12. i really do like it, indeed i use Netscape for more than 10 years so i m still a fan!
  13. I really dont have one, i did not invent these methods, i used em and i succeed. have u downloaded the softs? P2k Tools (the more important one!) P2K permits u to access ur phone as if it was a drive indeed: i advice u to download P2K first! PS: here is THE link
  14. to install a V3 skin there are three methods ways: tools you will need: -PST 6.7 or higher (googlesearch) -P2k tools -P2k Commander -datacable there are three methods for installing skins: process #1: flexing: 1. download zip 2. connect datacable to phone 3. open PST: "new"--->"pflex" 4. open cr Dir skin name here.hs(from .zip)--->"run" 5. restart phone 6. close PST open p2ktools 7. "switch to p2kmode"--->"connect" 8. check "upload path" 9. type: /a/mobile/skins/skin name here/ 10. "upload" 11. upload all .dat and .ski form the skin .zip to the typed in directo
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