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  1. Damn, link is down at deviantart
  2. I had a similar problem. If it is an Nvidia chipset you are using, try doing the following: That sorted it out for me when I was having problems with it.
  3. Wow! This is seriously fantastic! :woot:
  4. The wall is called "kuantum". I belive it came with the Crystal VS. If you want it, PM me and I'll mail it to you.
  5. Absolutely fabulous style you have here! It's like one that KoL would do. Well done!
  6. Need to fix the link for night. But apart from that, thanks!
  7. Ah, got it. Since it wasn't installed before, I had to run the Samurize config first. Once I did that, it ran fine.
  8. Hi Tadis, Yes I have downloaded and installed "Serious Samurize". I had to reboot my machine to complete installation, but it is definitely installed. Do I need to run it first?
  9. I get the following error when I run the install script:
  10. I'm pretty sure it's called AquaLuna and Timan did it. I had it, but lost the HD it was stored on :cry:
  11. This quote is from Max's Homepage: "A note to all Windows users: smoke at tetsudust and KoL at studio28 are already working on Windowsblind and Msstyle ports of this theme, so it's unnecessary to ask me if you can port it. Those ports will be put on my homepage when they are completed." so I guess y'all just need to wait...
  12. :6 same one, just a darker shade, try using some PS skillz :naughty:
  13. Checkout Alluminium Alloy by Max - ported by KoL Could a mod please move this to the correct area? Thanks :shy:
  14. It's a pretty decent port. Unfortunately they didn't include any information with the VS as to who ported it - and I can't remember where I downloaded it from... it was a fair while ago. :surfer dude:
  15. There is, if you PM me I'll send it to you.
  16. ok then, so why can I not download from your link in the first post then?
  17. Yep, I got it on my hotmail address - and I think it is a load of crap. Since when did Microsott email with security updates? I deleted them without reading... :smartass:
  18. Don't worry I sorted it out. Just drag the *.pfm file into the font dir. Wouldn't bother though. made my panther look like crud. Really bold fonts on title bars - yech...
  19. Yeah they're the ones. So to install, do you just drag the *.pfm file into your fonts dir?
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