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  1. cool stuff. thanx for the link.
  2. cool stuff! like it.
  3. yo folks, i´m on the search for mac pro hardware icons. i can remember some real cool in some collections, but can not remember where. png´s would be great. the more, the better. big thanx
  4. foobar rules. mac-user would kill to have such a player. btw, kinky sig, hidein. like it.
  5. yo, cool theme. got a prob here. maybe someone can help me out. the menu-background gives me prob in displaying my bookmarks (flickering, sometimes the menu do not show up), same with the hole menu. what is it? ff2.0.0.6, compact-menu from zip (
  6. ^^^ cool stuff. thanx for da link. sadly damn ugly icon came with the package. i modded an osx one, use this if u like.
  7. sorry lukevink, didn´t wanted to bring up confusion. just found these pics on a forum. plz check out these place for ur own. just browse on to the specific theme-section: link in any ways, would be great to see any nice theme for a w810i from u.
  8. man, ur work is great stuff. may we expect such a great theme for w810i either? and btw, u tested around with animated gif or flash swf stuff like this for different se cells?
  9. yup, preferences -> extended. took me long to find either. lol
  10. big, big thx for this! great work! is there an maching firefox skin out?
  11. ^^ OMG, folks, we need that jewelcase plugin for windows. damn, that´s cool. http://www.opticalalchemy.com/products
  12. ya, a nice old v4.9 with multi-plugin linked with foobar, best for me in beauty and performance. don´t need this movie crap.
  13. if u would remember i would have posted the link yes it is. search of an panther or tiger osx cursor theme (with an colored globe-thing included) B²
  14. this one was once included in an cursor-package. B² Download deviation.zip
  15. the firewall is really cool. keep it up B²
  16. btw, ... guys, ur going here into deepest surgery of skinning. i´m following this thread silently till the beginning. great stuff. rock on. allow me one question either: is it possible to adjust the font size in mail-list-window (meaning that window, f. e. inbox, that shows all mails in list-form.) all i can do is change the font size in preview window.
  17. first: many thx for the links. i attached a sceeny to discribe my question more specific. (the active/selected field do NOT result from my theme used by winxp. it must be somewhere in firefox) and btw, how to kick the "stop" icon on the button? B²
  18. hey, the search didn´t helped me out. how to modify the "downloads" pop-up window in firefox 1.5? B²
  19. ya, have forgotten about this nice brasgalla release. many thx for u afforts, mate. B²
  20. ^^^ ya, thx dude. had even that thought last night. well, still looking for the finder one. B²
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