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  1. floorlizard, perhaps the database on your iPod was somehow corrupted. You can try to rebuild the database using foobar2000 v.0.8.3 and foo_pod plugin.
  2. Thanks, I really like the widescreen one. It looks great on my desktop.
  3. I'm not sure what happened to the zip file, I'll try uploading it again, but the 7z file is still there. Zip file uploaded.
  4. I've fixed the problem. My host disabled the directory to the public due to something else I had in there and I forgot to reenable it.
  5. Thanks for the terrific icons TPDK. It's a bit weird though. I can't use the ico files with AveDesk, but the PNG works fine.
  6. As I understand it, VLC on the Mac get its look from the current system's style (for lack of accurate wording). The ports to Windows for specific skins are mostly for private use and not released.
  7. Maybe he meant MaxVLC - http://aqua-soft.org/board/showthread.php?...ighlight=maxvlc zachriggle, I released the update recently.
  8. Fantabulous! Thank you very much.
  9. I forget if someone's reported this or not - a quick search for margins/magnification didn't bring up any similar results. The screenshot below was taken with the magnification off and autohide on. Bringing the cursor to the margin would make the dock pop-up, but if I leave the cursor at the margin, the dock would jump up to the position shown on the screenshot. With magnification on, if I do the same (leaving the cursor at the margin - magnification on/off) the dock would jump up and down from the edge of the screen to the position shown - creating a stutter effect. (I'm on AMD 3200
  10. Yeah, I dropped the ball on this release. Thanks zondajag for following up on it.
  11. You can get at .66 by running the update from the .65 version of the install file. At least, that's what I did to get the Multi-Plugin that works w/ 4.9.
  12. My favorite is the SNES set. The loaded one doesn't look quite right though. The cartridge should fill up the whole slot. See this link - http://www.edgarreyes.com/nintendo/wireless-snes.jpg
  13. Let me elaborate. I read in the multiplugin thread that some were able to use the plugin afer uninstalling the multiplugin. I didn't know where the uninstallation is for the plugin, but I decided to run the install file just to see what happened. Lo an behold, the install asked if I wanted to uninstall! So, I went and uninstalled the plugin. Upgraded to iTunes 4.8 and reinstalled the plugin. What I noticed was that I couldn't configure the plugin by right-clicking the titlebar anymore. Frankly, I don't use iTunes often enough to notice if this was how the plugin works now, but I did rem
  14. If you run the installer again, it will detect that you already have it installed and be ready for uninstallation.
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