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  1. how frustrating for one to answer same question over and over again, especially when you are not being paid But i notice that I'm better at finding the right post to solve a particular problem when I have seen the posts before. Deductively, I'm worse at finding the right post if I'm new to a forum even if i do STFF. I believe we need a cool solution to this problem though I'm not aware of such achievement.
  2. i thought the following would simply set the icon size to 48x48. Display Properties->Appearance->Advanced->Icon->Change Size to 48.
  3. now that sentence makes a lot of sense. no idea where to start meant you have no creative ideas.
  4. I used Litestep for about a year before litestep.net was shut down. Loved it. But once I didn't save everything before I reformat, lost everything, then I stopped using it. It took me a while to configure everything the way I like it. But I believe it is a very powerful shell replacement. First thing that drew me in was that they claim litestep takes up less resource than explorer. But after adding on lots of visual enhancement, it ended up taking up much more resource than explorer.
  5. You actually think it is WRONG to have the desire of making icons without having the knowledge of making them. How many times have you wanted to do things that you don't know how to do? "Could anyone give me any tutorial sites? I want to make some icons." "I have decided to make icons, how do I do it?" The kid might not be knowledgable enough to ask for tutorial sites, just like you don't know where to begin to build a rocket. Also you guys seem to be thrown off by the amount of icons he claims to make. It was 12 icons he wants to make. Maybe you guys should specify the number of icons p
  6. this theme reminds me the black panther from the 60's, and i could feel the wildness of a panther from the screen.
  7. i thought this is exactly a teaser thread.
  8. that will be my intuition as well. Sid: you only waited for 1 hour and 49 minutes to conclude that "no one cares about legitimate topics".
  9. yes, you can. there should be an option in the winamp.
  10. he meant "it's on deviantArt, so maybe you can go there and check it out."
  11. who's the professional you are referring to?
  12. is it true that everyone is supposed to just know IconFactory? for those of you who don't know, www.iconfactory.com
  13. i must say Naughty Dog's teasing skill is professional :microwave:
  14. so was it actually a WB theme, or straight from mac??
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