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  1. Check to see if your advancemediainfo DLL is in your plugin folder. Just a guess??? I know with WMP you need to allow the plugin to run in the background through the players options, not sure about winamp though....anyone else??
  2. Allright Nem, way to go! Thanks once again!
  3. Open the config editor and edit from there....autohide can be stopped and scrolling can be enabled.
  4. Well, here is the final product. Again, thanks for the input.
  5. Thanks for the input, still hacking away it
  6. I am working on a new config, anysuggestions would be helpful Look Here
  7. Sorry, I was just trying to keep similar configs together....my bad! Didn't want 2 threads about the same thing....oopps. :cry:
  8. 24% while I had TONS of apps runnig....24% of 1022Mb. Thanks people!
  9. LoL...."pimp" is a good description...."old school".....even better! Thanks for the laugh & your enthusiasm! :cheers:
  10. ...from the downloads section @ samurize.com.... Enjoy! KMDonlon's Samurize Guages
  11. Actually the project refresh in your config editor only needs to be at 1200ms or a bit higher, any lower is simply overkill. Also, in the read me it states that the LOC ID included was for New York City and needed to be set to to where ever the "new" user is....
  12. Yes the plugin does generate .xml files, look in your temp directory, they are there. As for the update issues, we are still trying to figure out what is the problem, it works fine on my desktop config as well, but some of us over at Samurize.com are having troubles with our "weather sigs" updating...so I am not sure if it is due to 2 or more instances of the plugin running at the same time or what. No one as of yet has been able to figure it out. Again, I posted the question over at samurize to see what Torsius can come up with. I will keep you informed.
  13. My taskbar config isn't updating for ya? The plugin downloads info every 30 minutes on it's own....it works perfectly on my box....let me see your .ini to see what the problem is....also, delete the .xml file and refresh your config..... Note: I posted a question to the author, Torsius, to see if there is a plugin API problem with the newer samurize version, the plugin uses the old one. I will keep ya all posted as to what he says.
  14. Hey, we all started somewhere....anytime! Glad it helped!
  15. Did you set the draw type to "image"?
  16. Here is a little taskbar weather config I put together for someone else....check it out..... KMDonlon's Taskbar Weather
  17. It was my config I posted at over at Samurize. You can use my brushed metal config in the downloads section and just change the skins
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