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  1. It here, AdamC released it today!! :cool:


    Samurize 1.64.2 is now available for download. First off apologies for taking so long to get this finished. I was hoping to get this finished by the end of september and somehow its now the end (almost) of December and there isn't anywhere as near the changes I wanted to do in the new release.

    Change Log:


    * fixed bug with Alphas on Vertical scrolling

    * fixed bug with Shadow horizontal placement on vertical scrolling

    * fixed bug with meterlist if no default group exists

    * fixed checking for group names (Group names cannot be blank)

    * fixed two bugs with Meter Maths (String concatation problems)

    * fixed bug with Meter Maths displaying incorrect results with strings and numbers

    (if a meter returns a string value it will be assumed 0 if in numeric mode)

    * fixed bug with Timezones

    * fixed bug with Fullscreen app mode and Notetaker plugin

    * fixed bug with the client going off screen if client crashes or the config does not exist.

    * fixed Alpha Blending bug with meter grids

    * fixed bug with Meter Alerts and Histograms when playing sounds

    * fixed bug in input controls calling plugins too often causing crashes of the plugin

    * fixed bug in Meter Maths String that did not allow static text

    * fixed bug with Meter Maths always defaulting to Numeric when editing

    * fixed compatiblity bug with Foobar v0.9.x and samurize built-in Foobar Meter

    * fixed problem with %b being returned at the end of value strings and meter linkage strings

    * fixed bug when Gradient (ProgressBar) is selected end color is now disabled

    * fixed bug with Groups in MeterList when changing Sort Order and moving Meters, groups are

    now always listed in alphabetical order.

    * fixed bug with apply all fonts not setting the text shadow

    * fixed bug causing "Error: Failed to get data for 'index'" on startup of samurize


    * Meters and groups can only use the following Characterset a-z A-Z 0-9 _ space.

    * If Meter Grids X or Y is set to 0 then no lines will be drawn

    * Import/Export Wizard is now part of the Config Editor

    * New commandline parameters - positiony and positionx

    * Updated all the xml parameters and DTD to being correct plus fixed a couple of bugs in the xml

    New Features:

    * Enabled a disable of logging for remote meters

    Download from Here

  2. FYI folks,

    Samurize News : Site Problems

    Posted by KMDonlon on 2005/10/3 12:41:05 (0 reads)

    Hello Folks,

    We wanted to let everyone know that the Crew is working on issues our site has been having now for the past few days. Besides the lingering problem of the site being slow, we are also experiencing outages. We sincerely appologise for the problems and we are working on a more permanent fix in the near future.

    Please be patient and we will post news as it develops.


  3. Here is the change log...

    The most significant aspects of this release are:

    * Vertical scrolling for Text Meters

    * Mulitple-Alerts that people have been after for a long while

    Big thanks to the VIPs and Crew for giving this one a thorough testing.

    Thank you to all of you who donated recently:

    Disturbed, Servo, johnh123, BrianPeiris, sketching

    Finally, thanks a lot for you patience. We hope you enjoy this latest release!

    For the changelog, click on the 'Read More' link below


    * Fixed a couple of bugs with the MeterList - Selection problems mainly

    * Fixed the problem with the preference panel not displaying labels

    * Fixed a problem with meter caching after a reboot

    * Fixed a bug in the Config editor not passing its HWND to Input plugins

    * Fixed a bug with the update interval after a new reboot

    * Fixed a bug Source plugins configure


    * Windows Link files are resolved correctly on meter linkage

    * Easier to add plugins to a config

    * Meter Name is now copied correctly on a copy or cut (prefixed with copy of if same name exists)

    * Grouping has been added to the meter list

    * Tooltips have Popup delay and Time to display for

    * Meter List now has simple grouping

    * Added Text Formatting to the ToolTip Input

    * Upgraded the Graphics driver for some minor bugs fixes

    * Meter/Group Locking

    * Vertical Scrolling for Text Meters

    * Multiple Alerts

    * New alert type 'If value has changed'

    * Double Clicks for the input system

    New Features:

    * AppBar on the samurize client

    * Hide Icon can be specified so you can tell your client is hidden

    * Samurize Update will automatically sense a new version of samurize

    A big thanks to AdamC for his huge efforts on this release......

    Get it here http://www.samurize.com/modules/mydownload...?cid=1&lid=1521

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