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  1. Where the hell have you been?? Miss seeing you around the site. Say Hi once in awhile will ya?
  2. It here, AdamC released it today!! :cool: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Samurize 1.64.2 is now available for download. First off apologies for taking so long to get this finished. I was hoping to get this finished by the end of september and somehow its now the end (almost) of December and there isn't anywhere as near the changes I wanted to do in the new release. Change Log: Bugfixes: * fixed bug with Alphas on Vertical scrolling * fixed bug with Shadow horizontal placement on vertical scrolling * fixed bug with meterlist if no defaul
  3. Here or Here would be a really good place to start
  4. Enter your config for a chance to win some serious cash & free hosting....... Read more here --> http://www.samurize.com/modules/news/article.php?storyid=136
  5. Several more minor bug fixes have taken place, you may want to re install to get all the current repairs.
  6. Masters? Wow, Brian is moving up in the world Yes, he is a well respected Samurize user for sure! ...and I believe the correct term is massa ...but then again, i am living in the south:cool:
  7. Site is up and running quite well again, kudos to AdamC for all his efforts. ...........see ya at Sammy
  8. You are a funny guy!!!
  9. Get it while it's hot people!
  10. This will be an unbelievable release, there is no match for Sammy now...the sky is the limit, all the input options are incredible! Stay tuned!
  11. Coming soon folks... EDIT: IT IS HERE!!!!!!!!!!! http://www.samurize.com
  12. Hmmmm, sketching is usually the skins man around here. I don't even know what that looks like so I can't say if I have seen it.
  13. Open in the config editor and check the display tab for the text meters you are having trouble with, you can adjust the size, the antialiased box, etc.
  14. Here is the change log... The most significant aspects of this release are: * Vertical scrolling for Text Meters * Mulitple-Alerts that people have been after for a long while Big thanks to the VIPs and Crew for giving this one a thorough testing. Thank you to all of you who donated recently: Disturbed, Servo, johnh123, BrianPeiris, sketching Finally, thanks a lot for you patience. We hope you enjoy this latest release! For the changelog, click on the 'Read More' link below Bugfixes: * Fixed a couple of bugs with the MeterList - Selection problems mainly * Fixed the problem wit
  15. Amit is a great asset for us at Samurize!
  16. Go to www.Samurize.com and search the downloads section for weather. The latest version is v0.991. We also have a weather specific support forum over there for help. See ya there
  17. With the input SDK, can't think of a reason to use anyother app....perfection is close! Thank you NeM
  18. The site me down off and on for a short while because NeM is updating things. FYI... UPDATE: Update is complete 1/29/05
  19. No YOUR not...sketching is right...geez, how quick we give up around here
  20. Ask this question in the AMPI threads @ http://www.samurize.com
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