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  1. thanks for the tip blitz! i've downloaded reshacker and i'm going through the tutorial i found by typing in "hacking shell32.dll" in the search.
  2. lol no no no, i mean like the actual borders around any window and program. the borders are especially visible at the bottom, and left and right sides of a window. i appreciate your attempt at helping!
  3. Hello all, i've done a few searches but i haven't found anything that answers this specifically; how could i remove the borders from explorer windows? the border i'm refering to are the borders that give the default window a slightly 3d look. [im talking about microsofts classic skin]. i dont have a picture, i could show you, but i'll try to do into greater detail. http://www.sputnikk.org/bzeitler/screenshots/tiger.png bzeitler's done it here PERFECTLY. the Desktop window visible here doesn't have any borders on the bottom and on both sides of the window. whereas if you
  4. i'm not so fond of aqua that i would go out of my way to mod by box to appear like mac os. BUT the reason i hang around here so much is because as a community you guys are great, and i do find the applications created by the generous developers very very useful. i use the dock because i find it makes my life easier; - in a way, i suppose you could say that i like how Aqua behaves, and not how it looks. (although i dont dislike it, i'm simply impartial to it). i've been looking for a finder port, but i haven't used any of the available ones for a few reasons - they focus on the aesthetics rath
  5. harware acceleration baby! i'd say keep it simple, stability and performance ratio (low resources, good performance) should be the top priorities
  6. i've added a shortcut to your program on my object dock, but how do you alter the shortcut to it creates a new note?
  7. i agree, the ability to lock it would be an excellent addition maybe i also suggest another? "word wrapping" this isn't by any means an important one, but it is convinient. i've been looking for a post it program for a very long time, but this is the only decent one out there. amazing stuff, keep it up! and thanks for sharing
  8. i've found a fix for it that works for me, you guys might one to try this out if you use the mplugin. go to plugin options, and uncheck "Change the caption of the iTunes window to "Artist - Song - iTunes"" and it should work after you exit itunes and OD and reboot them. excellent pluging herd! thanks
  9. Yup, i completely agree! it's an excellent desklet. strangely, i've got the same exact problem; the title art flashes for a second, along with the artist and track title before reverting back to the default icon and "n/a: n/a" the only plugin i have with itunes is mplugin. iTunes Objectdock 1.04
  10. yes this community seems to be ripping apple's designs, i didn't say that was a bad thing. i see it as being much like the music scene, of all the arts/design areas, music is where you could get away with ripping each other off the most, and we all benefit from that because it's also allowed us to hear great tracks that wouldn't otherwise exist. that said, in the music community just as you've ripped someone off, you're expected to be ripped off. (sampled to whatever degree). when i questioned dreamz my point was precisely that; Mr. Y ripped apple, what's wrong with ripping Mr. Y? rip
  11. i completely agree with most of what you've said. and i'm not posting this for sake of argument alone, but when mr. y decided to imitate some designer at apple, wasn't that a de facto violation of moral code as well? we all benefit from that, without a doubt, and i thank him for it but it doesn't change the fact. and yes, aqua dock - teh suck suck. >.<
  12. LOL you guys rock! seph, thanks for the topic change, lol i just hope it made you all snicker when you saw it thanks all for the replies. aow77, no i dont use window blinds unfortunately smoke, thanks for the informative reply! you're spot on about the osx dock, and it sounds like a lot of trouble for the change, now that i think about it, im not sure the benefit(minor aesthetic change) is worth the cost(time&effort). the two features i want(lol egotistical, i know!) most; 1. hardware acceleration 2. built in system tray ...but they're also the least likely features to be adde
  13. 1. i apologize about that, can i edit the title before the mods see it??? 2. that bites 3. yeah, i meant to ask if it was possible to hide them unless they programs were minimized? [i.e. i'm using firefox now to post this message, and as such the program window is open, so it doesn't appear in the dock. if i minimize firefox, it will appear] 4. i guess its no big deal 5. yeah, i really hope he does though! :naughty: 6. dammit. thanks for the quick reply.
  14. hey guys just some general questions about the dock now that od+ is out and i'm considering buying that. (not the beta though, once it's out of beta) 1. does the current free dock use hardware acceleration? 2. can i make programs appear in the dock only if they're minimized just like the Apple's dock? 3. have any of you experienced this; when you minimize a window using the minimize button, objectdock has a problem creating a thumbnail of the window? the only workaround i know is to minimize a window by clicking on its icon in objectdock. how do you guys work around it? [caveat: this
  15. thanks for the help guys! yeah, i got the screensaver finally attached the link to an 8ball icon. check out http://www.refreshreload.com/, thats why i love the screen saver its not particularly mac, but its very much about graphic design by great designers, i think many of you here would dig it what that screen saver does is, everytime its started, it'll display a piece of work by a designer who's submitted their graphics to that website. so you'll barely ever see the same thing twice. - yeah the border being 0px thing, i was hoping i wouldn't have to use a wb skin, but i'll k
  16. I dont know where else to ask but the community here is the most hardcore bunch of win hackers i know so here are some things that i absolutely would love to do but dont know how. i hope some of you would like these as well. two of these questions i am absolutely sure can be done, just dont know the method 1. how do i create a shortcut (that i can place on my object dock) that can start my screensaver? *i feel almost idiotic for asking this one...* 2. how do i eliminate the 3d borders/edges of any and all Explorer's windows? i believe i saw this in screenshots of the panther pack, but i
  17. anyone know how i can get rid of the 3d border around each and every window like danimator's pack? (as seen in this screenie: http://gede.bounceme.net/pack/3.jpg) where explorer windows no longer have the border. any help would really be appreciated!
  18. Why do i mod windows? to improve funtionality of it. like many other people here, i work with macs exclusively at uni for my post production work and the like. i have 3 mac laptops at home, but they're not workhorses obviously, my pc is . in many instances, i dont care too much about the details. i use the dock, etc. but i haven't taken to the level you veterans have that said there are only two more really mac os ish things id like on my win box; 1) 3 panel browsing within explorer (which is probably not possible, but you can always hope ) i've tried using the finder equivalents, whi
  19. i think patoni's right, that might be the only thing we can do. (but um, i dont know how. )
  20. I absolutely hate the way windows explorer draws a box around all my thumbnails, is there anyway i can remove this box? [just in case] open an explorer window, click on View and then click on Thumbnails. you should now see a box around each and every item in that folder. thats the box im trying to get rid off. ----------------------- Please use tags. This is a [Question] thread. The Topic Has Been Tagged // Seph
  21. i love the proggy pantoni! would it be possible to set some sort of default? so i can just specify one bg image and have it set all folders (with the exception of system folders) to the image i've specified?
  22. is there anyway i can get it to run at "AboveNormal" priority by default rather than manually setting it each time i log on? any help would be appreciated! thanks!
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