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  1. Saw those this morning at guistyles, those are just awesome.
  2. @ Gerrit, about the nice heavily customized desk: if your menubar shadow is covered with deskshade, how do you put those folders and files on ?
  3. theme : smoothstripes graphite light (stripped) - digitaljames wall : interstate - liqachu
  4. oh crap, the plans to save money begins all over again
  5. I have a cd with good old downloads, there is it, contactme via pm
  6. it scales very nice in my destop, thanks.
  7. Very nice urban pictures in your gallery, Thanks for the wall.
  8. Thanks for the gift, these look awesome at full display. offtopic/ oooh improved forum !
  9. it should work after registering again (i did it because i has invalid serial) edit: assuming that you already paid for it, email unsanity.
  10. try trashing the com.unsanity.shapeshifter.reg.plist from ~root/library/preferences, that worked for me (root not home)
  11. +1 i like it, any chance for bigger and widescreen resoluions ?
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