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  1. Hi Radu, long time indeed, but your DOCK resurrection is waited by all those using customizable systems. Many have already requests, but they have first to wait for a version that suits new M$ OS'es. I was part of the project on Windows Edge where there appeared some developments under Yoni's guidance. For the moment I am really happy to hear (even after half a year) your aim. Congratulations on making this fine app that still runs on every 32 bit M$ system.
  2. Thanks Bobah13, great for such a friendly app.
  3. Does anyone reported that more than one KKMenu docklet introduced in the dock give an error at launch "Class already exists" reported by RKLauncher. For sure after closing the window the docklet works normaly but the error message(s) are anoying (for those including more KKMenu docklets, similar to native Apple Dock that has possibility of several Staks working). KKMenu is working fine but only one button is simply another START BUTTON from WIN.
  4. HI, iShut works fine under Vista with RKLauncher runing.
  5. Hi RaduKing, your application it looks closest to the original dock from OSX (I am not the first one telling you that). Recently I tried KKMenu under RKLauncher, and works fine with few bugs (most of them due to the KKMenu.dll). Setting more than one docklet gives anoying messages about RK Launcher Error "Class already exists", and associating images to the menu items can be done only manualy by editing the kkmenus.cfg file (even though an option for that is included in the menu editor). May I send you a screen capture to see what happens adding new kkmenu item? About Skins for this menu, I fo
  6. Hi, did someone tested under RK Launcher by having two or more kkmanus set in the dock? I had error window for each suplementary kkmenu added in the dock, saying "Class already exists". The corrections for the Vista skin work, and setting images for each shortcut in the kkmenu can be done by editing the file kkmenus.cfg and pointing the exact path of the png files betweem the second couple of quotes (applications name = "IS","HERE TYPE THE EXACT PATH", ...). Otherwise, the docklets are working perfectly, but the start is anoying.
  7. Hello, nice application that I was using both under OD and RKLauncher in WinXP and now in Vista32. The only problem appears at launch in RKLauncher that gives an error mentioning that kkmenu.dll already is started (when are several docklet kkmenus set in the dock). The exact error message says that: RK Launcher Error "Class already exists" , and the small window appears for each kkmenu set in the dock. Having only one kkmenu exactly like the Start button with submenus could be a solution, but that is specific for Windows applications. Hope this could help to solve the problem.
  8. Hey guys, don't be so expansive. Each one has the right to chose the type of computer in own needs (some would like fast for gaming but some for main reason - computing numbers or graphics). Of course, the graphic interface should be as friendly as it is possible (without crushes) and for each one of us it should be FAST. I think not only the price and hardware but also the sofware (here meaning in the first place the operating system) should be handy, no matter who's the producer (best could be opensource or ... at least freeware).
  9. Other bug is that switching between apps, launches in minimized window the chosen one. Otherwise, good similarity to the genuine Apple switching.
  10. Thank you, for posting it. Works fine even with WinXP SP2. Only thing is that shows raw icons for apps not included in the ini file.
  11. Thanks for notifying this issue, I'll just donloaded and upgraded to the latest.
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