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  1. Real nice icons. Thanks for sharing
  2. This is the latest work I made. RODIUM30Basic: 30 icons and PNGs at 128 px. Download RODIUM30Basic here There's also a big version RODIUM212premium: 212 icons and PNGs at 256px. and other 6 different iconsets: -applications iconset -hardware iconset -internet iconset -folders iconset -filetypes iconset -system iconset More Information HERE I hope you like them ;-)
  3. This icon is beautiful and i think very innovative. I like it Thanks Jatin.
  4. No... they can only be downloaded from my site. are you using windows XP SP2? XP always try to disable downloads. you only have to accept the download in the little yellow infobar on the top of your browser and click again on the preview to download the file. I hope this will help you to get my icons. And remember, in order to access my web, macromedia flash plug-in has to be installed.
  5. Here is my latest Release, After the PHOENIX 100 icons serie , i decided to make something more easy but in 3D. 8 XP icons and their respectives PNGs in 4 different color series: Download GREEN Download BLUE Download RED Download B/W For a more detailed preview: Aspirino NEWS i hope you'll enjoy them!
  6. Thx, i have fixed it, now. you can also have a preview of some more PHOENIX icons before DL them at: http://www.aspirino.net/NOTICIES/noticies.htm
  7. www.aspirino.net/new/phoenix.htm This set includes 100 XP icons and 100 PNG at 128 pixels size Enjoy Them! -------------------------- Inline images cannot be larger than 500 x 375, please respect that. The Image Has Been Linked // Seph -------------------------- Sorry Seph i didnt know that I resized the image. I Hope it is correct now / / Aspirino
  8. These is a nice work. I like them. will sure use them at my forum Thanks Trazo.
  9. Here is the cream version: only PNG format DownloadHERE
  10. Download HERE This set includes icons and png for: - Generic Folder - Win XP, Office XP - Adobe, Photoshop CS - Macromedia, Shockwave, Flash - Medical, Documents, images - Apple Enjoy!
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