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  1. No worries. Cool that you're working on pzizz though, it sounds quite a good idea for an app though I've yet to try it.
  2. I built and maintain the AdiumList dashboard contact list widget (Can be seen here) and have just about finished writing a new version. The thing is that I need someone to create a new interface design to make use of some of the new features that've been added and some still yet to come. If anyone is is interested (it's a non paying job as the widget is freeware), please link to examples of your work. I'm after very good graphics skills here. It'll require a bit of interface design and a few icons.
  3. Do you actually get kernel panics regularly then? I've only ever had two. Once was just random, and the other happened when I unloaded the kernel extension for my powerbook trackpad and then tried to move the mouse pointer with it (doh!).
  4. The code is generated one-off for each user after completing the task. You can't brute-force it.
  5. Gah! The phrase is "couldn't care less" people! Come on! Think about it! Ahem. And now back to your scheduled threads...
  6. Could you maybe use the transform perspective tool to widen the fish at the top, so that the cutout is less visible? Not sure if that'd actually be the right thing to do though.
  7. Uh, for us non-US college students, is that like a club initiation?
  8. I realise this, that's why I asked for something that represented the language rather than the people. Thanks gnome, when I searched for 'arabic' & 'green', this thread turned up. I think I'll go with their method of a plain green flag. I mean pretty much every website you see uses the union jack for English, even if it's for American/Australian sites.
  9. Thanks Febernovo, I might go with that green one. I'm actually using the famfamfam ones, but there are a few missing, which I need to create.
  10. Hey all, got a bit of a weird one here: I'm just accumulating images of flags for displaying localisations on a web page and have hit a bit of a snag. I want to display a flag flag signifying the Arabic language. Now obviously it would be a bit provocative to choose any one particular countries flag, so does anyone know if there is a single image representing the language or will I have to make one up?
  11. It looks pretty nice, but I have some questions: Why on earth override the default 'finger' cursor for links? It just serves to confuse and adds nothing. Why attempt to disable right clicking? Apart from the fact that a lot of people like to see the source of an interesting page occasionally, it means that I can't right-click to save a bookmark, refresh or print the page. Why oh why try to obfuscate the page source? You trying to hide that nasty tabled layout? 1. Javascript off? Can't visit. 2. It took me, ooh, must be all of 30 seconds to see that you need to go to 'encrypt.js' and thenc
  12. There were adverts for the G5 in the UK. I remember seeing that one with the holes in walls with the computer at the end. I think? Maybe. It was a while ago
  13. Oh yes it is! Most modern laptop/phone batteries are lithium ion/lithium polymer batteries. These have a limited number of charge/discharge cycles and are better off kept plugged in. There is a particularly good article somewhere online, but I can't find it. Have a mediocre one instead: http://www.laptopbattery.net/notebookbatteries_life.html
  14. Looks like you just answered your own question there.
  15. I remember seeing this website previously and thinking "that's cool", if not working quite right. It seems that selling up to Apple helped them get it spot on! http://www.steelskies.com/coverflow/
  16. This might not be such a bad time for Microsoft to announce a universal version of Office.
  17. Too right. We're not set up for the heat over here. It's not much fun, especially if you're working outside.
  18. Powerbooks do have a good enough graphics card. My G4 one does at least.
  19. I know you're probably not, but for goodness' sake don't *ever* buy from Novatech. I (and friends) have had nothing but trouble from them.
  20. MediaWiki is pretty good. If you don't know already, it's the Wikipedia one. It's pretty easy to skin too. Just CSS to change visuals, and moving bits around a PHP file to modify the HTML structure. There's bits on the MediaWiki site describing how to make a copy of the default theme to modify.
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