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  1. Granted, I'm a n00b at the technical aspects. If you say this is impossible, I take you for your word on it. Appearently this feat is only possible for Vista? Stil it's quite a capable dock, with all compatability to the other docks included. One thing I do not know for sure. It boasts that it runs great on slower pc's. Can anyone confirm? For instance, does it run smooth on a pentium 3 or a k6-2 system running XP?
  2. The earlier version of Opera used to do that on the tabs (under Win XP) the latest version lacks this feature for some mysterious version, but appearently it's definitally possible under XP for browsers, so why shouldn't it be for a Dock???.
  3. Wow, it runs quite fine. And minimises iTunes properly (one of my issues with RKLauncher) Now see hw it runs with full screen Games...alos not a problem. Me like...other experiances?
  4. Maybe somewhat off topic: See referrals to Objectbar 1.65. Though the stardock website mentions version 2. Why is that? Is objectbar 2.0 no good/ bloated or something? Have used objectbar in the past, but it didn't take over menu's of all the windows/ apps. Also had lots of trouble with the systray screwing up after a while (displaying the wrong icons for some reason after a while, etc). On second thought. Maybe this isn't as off topic, since the answer could affect pinkuin in his discission for his final Mac-like finderbar...
  5. Yep. That sure does own. Good find.
  6. Thanx! It's not from myself, but from my grandfather actually, who used to say that and I found it very applicalbe for the signature in relation to aquafying... Later!
  7. Congrats! Looks very sleek! Too bad I still use version 6 of iTunes though ..thought iTunes 7 was too bloated..not true?
  8. Indeed, RKLauncher and FLyakite OSX (v3.5) are two very different things not to be compared to eachother! Flyakite OSX is a huge total conversion package that include OS X-based icons to automatically replace the standard ones from Windows included into it's system file. Besides that the installer includes a variarity of all kind of tweaks and stand alone apps (like a version of RKLauncher) to make it even more mimic the apearance of OS X Tiger. RKLauncher is an app to mimic the dock, as does stardocks' Objectbar, Mobydock, Y'z dock etc. Each with their own pro's and cons. But RKLauncher was
  9. Yeah, couldn't they at e least give it didicated memory instead of shared. And 64mb? Oh come on! I mean 128/256mb is the current standard...you can get el cheapo 256mb Geforce 7 chipset based GPU's around $55 http://www.geeks.com/details.asp?invtid=PCX-GF7300GS-256MTV Which is a zillion times more expensive compared to the allready overly expensive Macbook... What if I would want just a good didicated GPU instead of the current shared onboard Intel-schizzle? I'm basically f%#&ed. That's the advantage of pc's over Macs I guess...more freedom of choice, less great os though..
  10. Yeah, I've seen around here for a while too. Kinda visit these boards less frequently since I bought my MacBook this summer though. ...Then again, I snoop around somewhat more again recently, 'cause when I do some tweaking on my friends PC's, I tend to secretly include Mac GUI elements on their desktops, just to get theme warm for the IMO visually superior OS X over M$ Windows. ...to make them get used to the top left glyphs (X, -, +), as I advocate is nessecary, when asked for by them , so they don't freak out from confusion, whenever we play around with the iSight/Photopooth on my Ma
  11. I guess Apple had the Macbooks in mind as an affordable laptop that does the job just fine for common tasks like surfing the web, e-mail, wordprocessing. And off course this it does mighty fine even sans the dedicated GPU memory since it comes with the new Intel dual core, 667 mhz fsb, DDR2 & SATA2... For games the Pro surely 'll do the job with it's Radeon mobile x1600 PCI-express 256 mb GDDR3. Even the most gruesomely tweaked osx86 hackingtoshes have issues, while Macbook & it's greater Pro cousin don't. Both flavors run OS X & WinXP perfectly, which is quite an unique featu
  12. I finally jumped the Apple-wagon too. After lot's of Aqua-softing, Aqua-fying and finally OS X 86-ing on my Athlon64 system, yesterday I bought myself the white 2 Ghz/slot loading super-drive featured Macbook, and so far it really just works! I got online wireless without ISP within 10 minutes from unpacking. I am truely amazed...
  13. By George, it worked. Thanks for the hint, man.
  14. That's a good tip...I'm using OS X perfect, so will try. Thanks!!!!
  15. This looks promising indeed. My congratulations. Please do go on developping monsigneur diemuse. We are still in need a good Finderbar app that works...
  16. I know. But with the release of WB5 SD promised a compatible copy of WindowsFx to be ready by mid december 2005...it's march 2006 now, and still no hint of that release, besides the beta...I find that odd.:slant:
  17. Dude, I just d/l-ed MilkVista 2.0 for WB5, which is actually quite good only to find this release next...it's a good night for WB5 skins I guess. I agree with Nostarion; finally we've got a bunch of high-quality themes for WB5 to choose from. My compliments! I especially like the startmenu with it's stylish black background. The glyphs are not for the aqua-****s, since the do not contain a x,-,+ on them. Now if only someone would release a WB5 features enabled Tiger skin...
  18. You mean a mere 7.4 MB? Yeah, that's odd...and it most certainly shouldn't. Anybody know what is wrong, assuming it is not a warez-thing?
  19. Looks good. Though, it's about time SD comes up with a new version of WindowsFX, because al the new WB5 skins have a transperant line around their windows.
  20. Great work man, downloading now.
  21. XP compatible? Aren't these classics DOS games? How is that supposed to run under XP? And aren't those games abandonware by now? For the biggest part I agree with Tricky that Classics are meant to be left to the good memories. I used to love Baldur's Gate (Minsc and Boo), Used to play it night after night. But when I re-installed it recently on my new AMD64 rig I couldn't stand the graphics and uninstalled after a not even half an hour of playing. :slant: What does keep on being fun imo is arcade classics on MAME and emulators such as snes9x and ePSXe...:cool:
  22. WindowFX 3 is not out yet.
  23. Yeah, I was wondering the same. How about that update? Ah, well no rush...chill.
  24. like it...though makes me linger for spring...
  25. Why don't you check the os out through PearPC or x86 Tiger, if you like, you buy, if you don't stay with your Windows pc and feel good about it. If it's the gui that attracts you, why don't you just mod your Windows system? This whole board is riddled with ways and shapes of modding your Windows pc into the Mac look & feel. Then you can keep all your precious windows apps plus game to hearts content...
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