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  1. I am planning to propose to my longtime gf this sunday. I have already planned out the entire thing right down to the ring etc etc. I am trying to compose some sort of a poem since I am not good at saying these things directly. Here it is : Life before you was just a daze, Longing eagerly for your embrace, Then I found what I was looking for, Love as fresh as morning dew, As pure and innocent as a child’s smile, As inviting as a cool breeze on a dreary night, As delicate as a the first blossoms of spring, As sweet as God’s elixir, I found you ! And I always will keep
  2. Just heard my k750i go off for the billionth time with the default sony erricison ring tone (uck...) and decided to change it. Just for kicks, what you guys use for your ringtones ??
  3. How to use free partition included in Windows !!! http://www.informationweek.com/LP/showArti...80207718&pgno=1
  4. Ghostboy wanted to reinstall the OS and wanted to start clean, so those instructions were meant for that. If you don't want to reinstall Winxp, just copy the data, delete the 2nd partition and resize the remaining one to occupy the full hardrive. And oh, all these instructions assume that Winxp and Program Files are in the 1st partition i.e C drive.
  5. When I said 2 partitions, I didn't mean 2 harddrives. I meant on the same harddrive like C: and D: . Also Partition Magic is the only software which I know which does non destructive merging. But you can also try QT Parted. Its avaliable on a Knoppix Linux Live CD and its FREE !!!! And you don't have to know Linux to use it. It has a very easy user interface. Just boot from the Linux Live CD and start using QT Parted. And best part is that since its a live cd, you don't have to install anything onto the harddrive.I haven't used it myself, but have seen it being used to do the same thing. H
  6. The only way to possibly do it is to merge the two partitions using Partition Magic and then reinstall the OS without formatting. But then, its not a clean way of reinstalling. I actually prefer to have 2 partitions- one containing the OS and the other my Data so that I can always reformat and reinstall if anything goes wrong without the fear of losing data. Or just backup all your files to a DVD or cd, delete all existing partitions, create single partition during installation and then install OS and copy back your data.
  7. Try this link http://www.techsupportalert.com/best_46_free_utilities.htm
  8. http://sourceforge.net/projects/pdfcreator/ PDFCreator easily creates PDFs from any Windows program. Use it like a printer in Word, StarCalc or any other Windows application. I have been using this program for a longtime to publish our company newsletters online and works very very well. And oh, it supports all the security features of Adobe Distiller including ability to restict copy and printing ,password protection and 40 bit encrpytion. And best of all its completely open source. EDIT - Didn't read the earlier post about you trying PDF creator. Did you install the GNU Ghostscript fil
  9. 1. Asia 2. India 3. Bangalore 4.http://image.weather.com/images/sat/india_sat_720x486.jpg
  10. If both the pc's have wifi cards but no router, you can try setting up an adhoc network. That's the easiest way to transfer files b/w pc's wirelessly. BT is hard to set up and get it working takes some effort.
  11. Wow thanks for the links. I had searched for about 2months before I could find them But that was ages ago.
  12. Taiyo Yudens are usually rebranded and sold by other big companies and well known companies. They are pretty hard to find. I bought 200 of them on sale a while back. Even though they are rated at 4x, they burn at 8x . I have been thru alomost 120 of these buring at 8x without a single coaster. They get sold out like hot cakes when one of the sites put up a hot deal on them.
  13. http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=134047 Its quiten down my drive compared to the stock firmware.
  14. The best one out there right now is the NEC 3520 A. I just bought one of these after they were highly recommended at the Anandtech forums. Its damn cheap too. I bought it for $49 at Newegg. The burner does + and - R at 16x and supports dual layers too . There are also firmwares out there which allow you to rip dvds at 12x and also quiten the drives (useful for ym HTPC). Linky to Newegg Review The only drive which is supposed to be better is the Plextor ones which cost upwards of a $100.
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