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  1. Regarding the KkMenu skins compatibility: The free KkMenu was very old. Generally I can say this: If you created the skin using the KkSkinner application then the skin should be compatible. Anyway, you simply have to check it. Moreover, I believe that on the skin, its IMAGE (png file) is important and hard to create. Creating a KkMenu skin based on the existing IMAGE is very simple and fast (if you fully understand the KkSkinner application). Regarding integration with other docks: I am still using KkMenu with the latest version of ObjectDock. It works pefectly for me for years. I have no ex
  2. OK, I compiled it for you once again... Available here: http://www.betacontrol.cz/data/kk/KKMENU.EXE
  3. Hello, I was looking around aqua-soft forums to learn what is new... I realized that Kk Menu is still in use... and I was pretty sure it is dead and I am the only one who have been using it for years. I decided to release it. My appologies to those honest beings who payed. May be someone is interested. The full source codes are available for download from the following link: http://www.betacontrol.cz/data/kk/KKMENU.ZIP To build it, you need Delphi 6 or 7. Best regards, Kk.
  4. The KkWeb http://home.betacontrol.cz/kkweb/index.htm was switched to new (user friendlier) interface. Now it also offers the "Guest" account. Kk.
  5. The KkWeb Link was switched to new (user friendlier) interface. Now it also offers the "Guest" account. Kk.
  6. Yeas there are users of KkMenu who simply love it, some other users find it really usefull (Y) and more ones are honest (and clever) enough :smartass: to know that it was a lot of work which should be rewarded. All those payed. P.S.: If you do not want to pay: Simply do NOT, but never complain.
  7. I think that the line is not closed yet as I am listening to you (as I always was when you wanted me to implement new features into kkmenu) and I am thinking... You know, this is my first attempt to present and sell my work. Just think about it: It is worldwide. For me $20 = approx. 600 czech crowns = one pack of Pampers or Huggies (for ma baby). It is really not too expensive and I cannot imagine that I could survive for $20 per month. I guess that for Germans, Netherlands (you know west europe) 20EUR is almost nothing. At the other hand, I know very well that the life level varies greatl
  8. Gents, I am watching you comments to the KkMenu price. Read please carefully the following comments ... Payment hints: 1. You could donate KkMenu with $10 for a couple of months. NOONE DID SO! 2. Consequently I decided to make it a Shareware. 3. Compute with me: You pay $20. The bank takes 3% per each payment. The publisher of KkMenu takes 25%. The taxes take approx. 30%. So I receive approx. $8.40. Conclusion: It is still more convenient for me if you take the $10 bank note, put it into the envelope (now together with your email address) and mail it registered to my private address. Expec
  9. Have you seen the "sign in" reference?
  10. The latest KkMenu docklet for Stardock Object Dock is available on: http://home.betacontrol.cz/kkweb/index.htm Kk.
  11. DestopX or ObjectBar ... Thats exactly what I did but it consumed twice more system resources just to have the tray ...
  12. "i dont see it useful at all :S you cant click the individual icons when they are in one dock icon, you can just look at them, so what's the use of it" The point is that those little icons on the dock icon are alive (the behaviour is similar to the normal windows taskbar). For me this was the last lack of the Stardock Object Dock. As I do not want to see the standard windows taskbar I lost the access to the tray icons (which are very important part of the user interface on windows). Unfortunatelly this is the deep system problem so it is very complicated to make it working. Consequently, it
  13. It is a part of the KkMenu docklet. I am currently using it but it is terribly unstable, hard to setup, does not support XP ... not sure if I will ever release it. Kk.
  14. Have you seen this? Kk Menu Tray Support Kk.
  15. "haven't you enjoyed developing KkMenu?" yes I have but now I enjoy something else ...
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