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  1. I made this Snow Leopard skin, try it snow leopard.zip
  2. the preferences is simple as I wished, this is brilliant
  3. things are going fine but slow, because of the time, but I hope I can post a screenshot soon.
  4. I am making a msstyle for win7 which wants to look like mac os x snow leopard... but I need time to finish it, please be patient
  5. I don't need the icon, I need the resource png which draws that glowing light UNDER the icon.
  6. Hi, can somebody tell me where can I find that glowing stuff's resource png file which is shown under the magnified icon from that dock on this image?
  7. I can't remember that I had any problems with shell32.dll or anything else... everything goes fine until i want to login after the next restart. Another restoring solution what I found is that I deleted the .theme and .msstyle files from the resource folder in safe mode and reboot. The dll files are for compatible too. I don't know what to do to get it working properly
  8. I am working on a Snow Leopard msstyle for win7, everything goes fine, I can test the style, I can use it too... UNTIL the next reboot. After I restarted my computer I enter my password in the logon screen... and it won't let me in, it just gives me back the logon screen with no error message that my password would be incorrect or anything else. It just wants me to enter my password to logon...again and again... Only a startup recovery solved my problem and took me back to the time before I installed the msstyle. Did anyone have problems like this one? did anyone solve this kind of problem an
  9. you got my point, those settings belong in the skin file, so this way the program itself can be cleaner and will contain the functional settings, just like apple's dock. I know it's cool that the user can edit every little part on the dock, but those can be edited in the skin files and just like iJesse said, his skin will look the same for everyone. It's possible that I look like I am locked in a single point and I want the XWD to look exactly like apple's dock, but I think that apple's doch has every setting which has to be in the program. And the rest can be used in the skins...
  10. @Bobah : I have a BIG question, why don't you make this version to be exactly like the dock from Snow Leopard? I mean you add only the features and the settings options that SL dock has, without the setting of the pixels from the bottom or without the every little detail settings. You should keep the icon's distance from the bottom of the screen as the SL dock has, in the bottom position is 3D dock, on the left and right only 2D dock, no dock on the top of screen...and the other minimal and the most important features which you can find on the dock of Snow Leopard to be included. I think this
  11. yes, I know that, but that's still not totally legal stuff, like bootcamp ... windows should have a program similar to bootcamp, and the original mac os x should dual boot easily with this,and without the need of patching mac os x, like osx86project describes..
  12. I was wondering: if there's Bootcamp which allows Windows to dual boot with Mac OS X on a Mac, then why isn't something which allows Mac OS X to dual boot on a PC with Windows? That would be fair.
  13. At home I use Yahoo messenger because here in Romania everybody use this, and I can chat with MSN people too from this, But at work I use Digsby, because I don't want to install a lot of chatting programs when I have to chat with people internationally, since everyone is using a different program, and Skype for calling PC and phone. But Yahoo messenger is my favorite.
  14. why don't you try to learn using graphic stuff and reshacker and anything? there are lots of tutorials and helps everywhere.
  15. I installed on my crappy 6 years old pc (1.7GB petium 4, 384MB sdram, 64MB geforce 2) and the basic style works fine, no aero at all, but it's cool anyway. When I installed Vista beta in those times, everything crashed, only the BSOD was missing , but win 7 works fine even on my old pc. And I like the new taskbar, it does almost everything the dock does on mac os x, it's like the dock and the menu bar in mac os x ,but in one piece and without the menu. I like it, I hope I will want to use it.
  16. Nokia N97 is cool, Nokia E71 too, but how about Sony Ericcson XPeria X1 ? It has Windows Mobile and a screen res 480x800 ... I haven't seen that one here in Transylvania btw I started to dislike the iPhone, because the softhare has many limitations, I like to hack into system files, but the iPhone is too limited for this... I have a Nokia 6124c and I like to see all system files of the Symbian OS
  17. tnx My site refers to information about contact lenses so this will be of a real help!
  18. Look at my "dock table" in our house, it reflects everything
  19. As I saw in leopard when a stack is open only the icon from the dock is magnified when mouseover and not the stack's elements too, I think it's a little bit incommode that an open stack's elements are magnified too on mouseover on the dock... (and I need poof)
  20. this is AWESOME it works so smooth and fast ! But you should do that when an icon is dragged out from the dock to be deleted using the poof effect and not to make a copy of that shortcut...in the rest I LIKE EVERYTHING, and I can't wait for the window refection oups... can you make the icon labels appear faster too? and when the magnified icon's size is set to 100 then the label disappears almost at all.
  21. why is not Apple making a windows version of its Dock, like iTunes or Safari or Quicktime?
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