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  1. you can get rid of it if you disable the clock. but there has to be some type of skin for the clock so why not the clock widget. i think it looks great. awesome work
  2. no matter what i do i cant get the date to look like what i want. i used the extension, but none of the provided "mods" suit what i want and i went into the regional options and changed the "long date" but it had no effect on thunderbird. i want it to be like this "Apr 06 2005" can any one help me out?
  3. so you make the rules icey ice? are you friends with flavorflav?
  4. to j2227 no i was wondering if you could do the same thing to the scroll bars in firefox, cause i already have the userchrome mod for the scroll bars but they look poopy. so i was wondering if you could make them look nice like you did with thunderbird. i dont care about making it platinum, id rather it look like safari. actualy mine already is identical to safari in every aspect but the scroll bars.
  5. hey i really like this mod, is there any way you can do it for firefox too?
  6. yeah my friend has it on his nano, and he can watch movies. its really interesting
  7. haha thanks. sorry for the misunderstanding. atleast i got you guys using your brains.
  8. i understood you wanted just the background from behind the speakers, sorry for the misunderstanding, ill get to work on the actual image with speakers
  9. well im sorry, but on my monitor it looks exactly like the one on the site sorry guys, just trying to help out
  10. i made this real quick http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v294/mnt.../background.jpg if you like it i can make a nice sized one
  11. hey check it out, i just recieved my new ipod mini wide screen edition!!! WOOHOO http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v294/mntnbkr1065/mini.jpg ...not
  12. im pretty sure there is no app that can do that for any application there is a way to do it with firefox through the userchrome. and there are certain finder clones that have the scrollbars like that. i wish there was an app that would convert all scrollbars like that, its so much easier to use.
  13. just so you know, the real safari browser on mac does not say safari on the top, instead its just the name of the web page
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