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  1. Hi guys, I've just release a new version of myBoard (Beta 1.3) I hope it will fix problems you had with previous version. As you can see, I've added more additional magnets : - Capture : which helps you takes screenshot of area of your screen (just like Option+Shift+4 on OSX). - World Clock : a clone of the clock widget available on OSX. - imeem : lets you search for imeem songs and stream them directly from the magnet. All these magnets, can be downloaded directly from myBoard using the Magnet Store. If you want to see this version in action before you install it, check it out
  2. myBoard Pre Alpha 0.81 now available with new magnets : myTwitter : Twitter client myComics : A comic strips magnet Enjoy
  3. http://www.yannalet.com/index.php?p=51&more=1&c=1&tb=1&pb=1
  4. Hummm obvisouly you can't uninstall .net framework 3.0 ... I'll get back to you once I find a solution for that. Nope, but I can add this function for next release, if you realy want this, please post this as a Bug on the official forum, this is my check list when I build a new release.
  5. Hi username3d3, I'd like to know what exactly you find hard in magnets creation process, maybe I could make things easier for you guys :slant:
  6. Hi siik ! I'm currently working on a World Of Warcraft magnet right now, I don't wanna say too much about it, but this is going to be fun And I can tell you right now that myBoard won't run any faster. Ever.
  7. Hi KsbjA, This bug doesn't happen on my computer, but I think it's because you have .net framwork 3.0 AND 3.5 SP1 installed. myBoard requires some new stuff in in 3.5 SP1, but for some strange reasons, it tries to find these stuff in you 3.0 package instead of the 3.5 SP1. Of course it can't find them (because it's something new in 3.5) so it crashes ... Try to uninstall .NET 3.0 and only leave 3.5 SP1 to see what happens.
  8. Oops I forgot to include fonts in the magnet. But I need to fix a refresh bug in this magnet anyway, I fix both these issue in next release !
  9. The calculator magnet is still buggy, so I can't release it yet
  10. New magnets available for myBoard ! Weather Magnet Well I don't think I need to describe what this magnet does CPU Meter The big number is the current CPU usage, the green bar on the right turns red when the CPU starts to get heavily used and it turns green on low CPU usage. Finaly the little number,"917" on the screenshot, is the amount of free RAM available on the system. kflakes15, I still haven't received your email with PresentationCore.dll, so I can't help, sorry Hampus, yes you can rotate magnets, just like on OSX on the "i" button on the magnet P
  11. Yeah, that's because I recently replaced a bunch of C# code for animation by HLSL (Pixel Shader) which makes your 3D card takes care of myBoard animation. But it works only if your 3D card supports Pixel Shaders 2.0, if not, everythings calculated by your CPU hence poor performances. I think I have an idea about what's wrong with myBoard on your computer, can you search on ALL your drives a file called "PresentationCore.dll, you should find only one but in case you have more than one, please zip them all in a file and send them to me : [email protected]
  12. Well it's kind of hard for me to fix this because I canno't reproduce this bug on any computer I have. I tried it on 3 differents computer (1 vista x32 and 2 XP) and myBoard worked just fine :slant: Sorry, there is nothing I can do to fix this so far ... And about animation not being smooth, this is probably because you are running myBoard on XP. Like I said in previous posts, myBoard is designed for Vista, it wasn't compatible with XP because I knew there would be performance issue. But you guys wanted it so much on XP, so I made it happen, but you now experience what I was expecting, very
  13. Thanks Yup, most likely in the next release. Yes it does. Can you post a screenshot of the error you have from myBoard ?
  14. Do you have any previous version of myBoard installed ? Can you try to install .NET Version Detector 2007 and tell me what version of .net is detected on your computer ? Thanks
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