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  1. :rock: not worrying about confusing w/ the REAL iTunes anymore. THANKS!
  2. Not working for me at first...then I tried re-checking the option a couple o' times, and restart iTunes~voila, it works. I'd also call it some sort o' luck, though. I seldom use OB, as a matter of fact, but if Localhost could make this OB grab really, finely working in next update, that would be -- :rock:
  3. works for me...(OB v1.6, not used quite often, though)
  4. yeah I finally got it. That's silly of me not trying the title bar in past 30minutes :cry:
  5. >.< ooops... I unchecked the "Skin the title bar" in options then I can no longer right-click and get the menu... Any ideas? no bother... I just got the menu ri-clicking on the title bar. Everything's fine now~and looking great! p.s forgot to say: Thanks, Localhost and Sid!
  6. seems I can make my Y'z dock/shadow/blah blah... run at startup without putting their shortcuts into the startup folder anymore. nice work, Enhanced! :woot: :woot:
  7. the app itself has been great enough. with this skin, it's now PERFECT! thanks!!! that's no doubt a big & nice work!
  8. :woot: just upgraded...nice work!! thanks
  9. :rock: sweet icons,and nice site!!! added to my fav.
  10. :rock: what's nice about Bzfinder 1.0: - runs quickly - fully customizable links, which're easy to config - customizable startup folder/app/link - explorer's' right-click menu works what I (greedily) want more from it: - three-panel view - drag & drop - ...cant remember :naughty: that's an awesome work!!!!! just found out about the search link...seems it works like an Address bar in IE :woot:
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