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  1. what we really need is the psd u used ontop of the grass bg, so anyone can make there own.
  2. yeah that looks really good, we need a version with tigers wall too.
  3. hey guys, i just checked about this, and it dosn't seem possible to make a transparent bg, but with the buttons and font be normal. ob skins with bmps, it would need to use pngs to do what apple did. some one could make a window blinds theme though, like all the vista skins.
  4. hey bh. if you ask me, emulating tiger on a pc is pritty much done in turms of skinning, believe me, i know! when leapord gets closer to being done, you'll see a little change here and there in the UI. and bingo, new skins, modding of skins, new apps, new wallpapers, new icons,new newbs asking for stuff they could have searched for,all the old memebers will come back and make fun of all the other memebers and such. and then our flatlineing aqua soft will be alive again. i might even post more then once a month
  5. i just pmed 4th::travel asking him to fix the download links, just so no one else gets in trouble.
  6. i hate to do it people but im gonna have to do some bump'n. does anyone have these icons, the links provided are dead. i was looking for both icon and png formats. thanks.
  7. hey all, just finnished watching it. the iphone is crazy. they should have just made it an osx palm pillet with a phone, and an ipod also. but yeah 500 bucks is really expensive. and i already have a video ipod. but dam i can see myself getting this thing. but is it me or does the name iphone sound stupid. whats that ringing, its my iphone! how come no Leopard talk. thats still comeing out this year right?
  8. i hate to bump a non active thread, but im still alive. and my pc is still all aqua pritty like. i guess i dont come around too much cuase i know new osx modding stuff only comes out like once every couple of months.... (look at the home page for proof) but anyway. happy hollidays everyone! its good to see you guys are all still here. i guess my new years resolution should be to stop by here more and chat up with the old gang. im gonna quit before this gets sappy and retarded
  9. the ps3 cant play ps2 games, really, i always thought it was backwards compatible. can u site your source please.
  10. unless some really cool games come out for the wii, im gonna stick with sony. im getting my mario fix with my ds lite. plus im looking forward to having a bluray player for my hd tv. If the wii does have some great games i get it with the ps3. im sure they can get along on my entertanment center. but im not even getting a ps3 till febuary when i get some extra money from taxes. No next gen for me this year.
  11. Hey guys, (basicly just gonna say the same thing i said in the icon thread)Its been a while since i released some work. I really got into these games today. and made up some wallz of them. and thought id share. if your unsure what bit generations are please take a look here. I made some icons with these same imagaes, wich im gonna release in the icon thead. hope you like em
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