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  1. i dont know how this dock could be any better. thanks for sharing. respect.
  2. -[maoos]- cool pic mate, mind sharing the wallpaper? respect.
  3. hi my friend the %r just turns: '97 folders, 2,85gb'. The same same behaviour applies with the /copy/move. Its just me? :confused:
  4. Bug description: when i drop a folder (not by copy/paste (just a drop (move))) pidlshortcut status doesnt update Items involved: PIDL shortcut to a folder. Windows Version: Windows XP Pro SP2 DirectX version: 9.0c System specs:Pentium 4 3.0ghz, 1gb of DDR RAM Graphics card & drivers version: ATI Radeon X800 128mb ddr3, Catalyst 5.11 Desklets running: PIDL Steps to reproduce: 1 - i will copy the asasdasd folder into crap folder. 2 - as you can see.. 3 - neat, pidlstatus gets updated. Now it shows one more folder |overall folder weight doesnt get updated thought|. 4 - lets undo
  5. same here. thought i was the only one.
  6. thanks for taking your time to explain how this works mate| respect.
  7. @andreas: im using the area04 theme and ave desk 1.3. area04 uses a font 'arial special g1' which you can see it in the 'crap' name. windows shows its jaggy (no clear type) and ave shows it smoothed (aa). How can i make avedesk to show it as windows? (so all the desktop looks the same). With the line NoAntiAliasFonts=true (in the settings_overrides.ini) (tried the four arial flavours insalled). thanks in advance for your time. Much respect. aniba!.
  8. sorry, didnt know the term NFR. thanks for your time.
  9. @digitaljames_ mate- do you mind point out where can i get that wall? respect. aniba!
  10. @Unbeliever : sorry, i wasnt clear. What i meant is what the other guys pointed. If in resource on that dll is the same for the .gif and the .png | i reshacked that dll to change the picture icons. Jpg, gif, png, tiff... the .gif shows the right icon. the .png not. http://img383.imageshack.us/img383/1868/untitled18py.gif
  11. does .bmp and .png icons the same? both are in C:WINDOWSsystem32shimgvw.dll (if im not wrong) thanks for the light.
  12. you are right mate, i have to add a single drive then. edit_ done working ok. two questions: a) i wanted to have just the text, no icon | the only workaround i found was to set the Appearance to 0. But after closing the app and opening it again...i have to turn it back to 255 (nor the text or the icon are seen). bug? is there another way? is ave desk 1.3 able to get, for instance, this drive desklet selectable like a normal icon? (like making a rectangle in the desktop) thanks in advance for your time. Thanks for sharing your hard work. respect.
  13. http://img411.imageshack.us/img411/7590/untitled11da.gif what am i doing wrong? (pd_ is there a list of those commands?)
  14. how do i make the 'my computer' pid to show free space? i dont see the proper tweak in the list (under label format) thanks
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