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  1. hi @ all the idea for this came from a coktailbar prospekt.. so here you are: monkeys can look a little bit different on none tft displays.. hope you like..
  2. hi everyone as you can see from the topic i failed in patching the uxtheme.dll under win64.. i tried with a 32 bit version of uxtheme.dll but explorer wont startup.. so my question is.. has anyone already a patched uxtheme.dll for win64 or does anyone have a clue how i can patch the uxtheme.dll manually with reshack or similar?!? Any help would be appreciated! Greetz, erik
  3. my thanks goes out... to this much loved community! >>>> Click here for biggersize <<<<
  4. januar desktop! click here for a bigger image Happy new year to all of you!
  5. nice theme (Y) using it right now! Greetz Erik
  6. so heere is mine!! well i like it.. only the eyes are not very accurate.. but i will change this soon :banging: !! greetz
  7. ok i had the same problem.. darth maul had before (the skin doesn't show the playlist time properly) .. so i tried to activate the alternative view of showing the time in iTunesMain.js.. now my Itunes skin looks like this..itunes screenshot any ideas?!? sorry for my bad english! :shy: except of that this is an awesome skin!! :woot:
  8. very nice mod!!! (Y) too bad that this blowing up of the taskbar cannot be fixed :nuts: or is there any solution for this??
  9. whooha thank you.. i gave up my hope that someone would answer my question and started to live with that google thingy.. at least my dumb question is solved :shy: .. thx mate!!! (Y) @ i-mode: rock on :own: !!!
  10. yes it is crappy.. so wouldn't it be nice if it is replacable ?!? :cry: and i think me and a few others don't use obejctbar actually.. damn micors***!
  11. does your skin also replace the minimizing skin in the tool bar?!? that would be nice!! anyway great skin!!!
  12. thx for your help.. i will have a look at the sites now.. but i think my budget is more that of a mainstream gamer
  13. I'm using a hercules 3d prophet 4500 64 Mb, kyro 2... it doesn't work for newer Games anymore.. for example: fifa 2003.. So the graphics card should also be reliable in future..
  14. I want me to buy a new graphics cards for my PC 1,4 Ghz running WinXP, 512 DDR Ram.. now my problem is i don't know which one is the best in price and performance! Thx for any advice! Sorry for my bad english..
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