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  1. Thanks for the tip nightcrawler, here is a screenshot of the problem: Screenshot link as you can see, everything looks normal but you will notice that both the iTunes window and the dialog are inactive. When I click on them, they don't activate but if itunes is playing music it still plays. I also just noticed that about every 30 seconds, the itunes window steal focus from what i'm doing, but it doesn't activate, weird.
  2. Does anyone know what's up with the next update. I clicked on check for updates and for a while it said it wasn't available yet. Now it has a link to download.com, it still says 2.7. Is the one on download.com 2.7.2? Do I just install over top of my current version?
  3. I tried to disable resizing the buttons and it still has the same problem. I can't put a screenshot because I have nowhere for it to be hosted. Pretty much when and dialog pops up from itunes, after about a second the dialog and itunes goes inactive (as if you had clicked on another program). A screenshot won't really tell you anything else. I also don't know if it has anything to do with the mplugin, I will try running itunes without it and see if it has the same problem
  4. I have been exploring ways of hiding the caption of the finderbar to give it a more realistic appearance. So far I have had no luck but I did find a tutorial on how to change/remove the X close button from the caption. 1. Open reshacker.exe 2. Open x:windowssystem32browseui.dll 3. Open bitmap #545 4. Save the bitmap and open it in mspaint 5. Erase the X using the same color as the bitmap's background (it will be transparent if you use windowblinds) 6. Place the newly modded file into windowssystem32 (if you need to know how to switch system files, search, I do not want to gi
  5. Does anyone have any suggestions to which skin would look the best for our new Explorer-Finder. I am using xero's brushed panther but I just don't think it looks right (the brushed image on the titlebar doesn't match up with the rest of the window). I am using the latest version of WB along with Windows XP home SP2.
  6. I gotta say that this is one of the most awesome ideas I have ever heard. With the amazing skinners and this program, we can really turn explorer into the perfect finder clone (microsoft is really gonna hate us) awesome work!!! so simple, but so brilliant
  7. I'm sure there's a direct way to do it, without using software (registry?)
  8. Link to explorer bar maker the wonderful thing about this is it shouldn't slow down explorer at all, explorer is made to do this kind of thing. It's the same way the search panel is done. It supports html, flash, or just a picture file. I haven't been able to get this program to install on my computer, it freezes. Maybe someone else will have better luck
  9. I read something on the internet that said you can create your own custom bars in explorer, like the Yahoo! explorer bar. You can create left panel, lower panel, or top panel bars all at once, or one at a time. It says you can use flash which is awesome!!! I don't know flash but I know you can do some sick stuff. I'm sure someone could figure out how to allow the bars to interact with the explorer file view. We could create our own custom back, forward, etc buttons!!! This could yet end up being the best finder clone, skinnable by Windowblinds or msstyles, objectbar menu support, and com
  10. I found something on the internet that talks about another area to initiate running the splash screen, instead of setting itself as the shell. The current version has itself set as the shell, it then loads explorer as the shell immediately after. Supposedly there is another area that I can set the splash screen to run and it will never cause any problems whatsoever. I will try to look into this and start testing, but it might take a while because I work a lot. Edit: Found it, the splash can be loaded in the same manner that the Windows XP splash loads
  11. I work for Dunbar Armored, they own me. I work so many hours that I hardly have any time to do anything. The only thing I did lately was install Konfabulator, and V Animator. I still use vanim, I just shut it down when I need any dialogs to pop up in iTunes. I can't stop using it because it's too awesome, I wish I could program something like that. Awesome job Vjay, by the way what programming language do you use?
  12. Has anyone experienced this problem: I am running the latest version of iTunes with the latest version of the Mplugin. I added itunes.exe to the exclude list under vanim prefs. Itunes works fine until any kind of a dialog pops up (buffering stream, preferences dialog, add files, etc). When itunes opens any kind of a dialog window, the windows along with itunes changes to an inactive state (as if I had given focus to another program). When I click on itunes it is unable to regain focus, and ceases to be user responsive. The program does not lock up, it still plays music but you can no l
  13. I have one question, how do I get the preferences skin to work, does it work with the Windows control panel? I'm sure it's set up as some kind of per application setting, i'm just not sure. I have the latest version of WindowBlinds (4.4) and am running Windows XP Home SP2. Other than that, skins looks great and I love the toolbar buttons in explorer
  14. A Merry Christmas to you too, nice wallpaper. And in the future, try as hard as you feel you need to, don't let anyone else tell you otherwise.
  15. I didnt mean for it to expose icons/widgets/docks, that definetely wouldn't make any sense. On Apple's Expose, when windows are exposed the icons, dock, etc become part of the tinted background instead of disappearing. I also found a bug with Objectdock Plus, I have a regular dock at the bottom of the screen and an autohiding tabbed dock at the top. When I expose all windows the tabbed dock turns into a white block. After I select a window, it stays as a white block and is rendered unusable until I close the program. Maybe an exclude list based on window handle/process name (you know, drag
  16. This program is awesome, then only thing left is being able to still see things on the desktop (avedesk, objectbar, dock), while exposing. Other than that, Winplosion better watch out, even the price is better!
  17. Can anyone help me with this simple problem, or direct me somewhere I can get help for it? I can't type anyting in firefox until I maximize then restore the window, it's not that big of a deal but it's really annoying. It only happens when I use this theme, it doesn't happen with the standard theme
  18. I got the window name right with an extension called firesomething, you can use it to rename you browser to anything you want. The only other problem is when firefox first loads, I can't type in anything to the addressbar, searchbar, or anywhere on the page. When I maximize then minimize the window, it corrects itself. Does anyone know how to fix this bug? Other than that, mad props to whoever put this together, it rocks. It would be cool if you could have one button for stop/reload (they have an extension that does this on the mozilla page, but it doesn't use the safari buttons, ma
  19. I installed this theme to my copy of firefox .9 and everything is great, other than it still says "Mozilla Firefox" in the titlebar. I know it's only a small detail but I would like it to be completely politically correct. If someone knows how to fix this please let me know
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