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  1. Can someone please tell me if there has ever been a solution to the problem I am having. When I open firefox I cannot type anything anywhere until I maximize then restore the window.
  2. I was just using caps because I wanted to strongly emphasize what not to do. The last thing I want is someone screwing up their computer because they overlooked something simple. I even do that myself believe it or not, and I have paid the price many many times
  3. I FIGURED OUT HOW TO CHANGE THE TITLE FROM MOZILLA FIREFOX TO SAFARI WARNING: BACKUP YOUR FIREFOX FOLDER, I WILL NOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE IF YOU SCREW IT UP!!! First of all, you will need a hex editor, if you don't have one, google the HHD HEX EDITOR, it's pretty decent I went through all of the files in the FirefoxChrome folder, as well as the Firefoxcomponents folder and searched "Mozilla Firefox", any occurence except ones where it appears to be in a path (i.e. DirnameMozilla firefox) don't change those!!! Change all others to Safari, DO NOT DELETE THE EXCESS LETTERS, INSTEAD REPLACE T
  4. also, eversince I first started modding firefox, I can't type anthing until I maximize and restore the window. I know this has been a problem for a long time. Does anyone know how to fix this, it can be kindof annoying
  5. also, is anyone working on the rss feed button, located in the addressbar of Safari 2.0. Shouldn't be too hard since firefox has rss support. Does anyone know if I can change the window title by reshacking or using a hex editor on the executable, or is it something inside of the chrome files?
  6. FORGET THE NEXT TO LAST POST, I'M AN IDIOT I DID THE FIRST STEP, AND GOT SO EXCITED THAT I NEVER EVEN DID THE REST!!! other than that, the only thing left is to be able to change the window title from Mozilla firefox to Safari
  7. also, does anyone know how I can change the window title from Mozilla Firefox to safari, I know in the earlier themes we were able to do this
  8. I need help System specs: Windows XP SP2 768RAM Windowblinds 4.5 (buiod 185) Firefox 1.0.3 RKLauncher Avedesk Objectbar Entbloess Vanim Flyakite osx 2 I am not very good at messing with firefox, I have the theme installed, as well as the stop/reload, tab, and progress bar extensions installed The stop reload button does not look right, you can see 2 buttons. The right half of one and the left half of another, like its not aligned correctly. Also my addressbar and google search bar are square, not rounded I tried to follow the instructions but they confused me too much, could someone put
  9. just hacked my version with a hex editor and reshacker, everything is singing iphoto including the new 128x128 true color icon. When I dragged the new file to the dock, there was no need to edit the title or icon. Hacking is awesome
  10. IT WORKS!!!! AWESOME!!!!, ANYONE HAVING PROBLEMS DO THE FOLLOWING: 1) Uninstall picasaosx first, then uninstall your copy of picasa 2) download and install Picasa 1.6 from zdnet (the above link) 3) install picasaosx and your there!!
  11. found it: http://www.zdnet.nl/inter.cfm?id=37912&dls...google-free.exe
  12. awesome, if someone could hook me up with the installer for the first free version, that would be sweet.
  13. do I need the picasa-google free.exe Is that the first version of the free program from google. The one I have, I had to pay for. Maybe that's why it's not working. If I need that free one could someone host it on here so I can grab it? The only one you can download from Google is Picasa 2
  14. Still having a problem, my picasa is all screwed up from this skin. Please help me to either get it working or get it out so I can use it again
  15. I guess my issue is dead, I really wish I could use this skin without the errors on load. I have been poking around and it appears that it has something to do with the photoshop images themselves. I installed a fresh copy of Picasa and copied only one of the photoshop images from the skin to the runtime folder. When I started it up the program indicated that the image was missing a layer. I'm guessing this means that the image is not meeting up to the program's standards. Please help me, I love this skin so much and I would hate to have to get rid of it
  16. Ok, that's cool and all about Picasa 2. Does anyone know why my copy of Picasa 1 won't work right with the skin? After all of the error messages (i counted how many, there were over 100), the program loads with the skin, but it's a little off (like the one shown in a screenshot earlier). Can someone please help me. I installed a fresh copy of Picasa 1, then installed a fresh copy of Picasaosx and it still won't work.
  17. Getting errors on load, a whole bunch of error windows one after the other. Must be about 30 of them: Child not found in resources: [acquirepanel/importfrom] MainOffset with no node: [MaintainOffset left] and this goes on for about 30 windows, then the program loads and is all broken up like some of the screenshots shown earlier. At first I thought it might have been that I didn't install the program in the Program Files directory, instead I put it in my applications folder. I reinstalled it into the program files folder, but this didn't make a difference
  18. Bug: New shortcuts/folders/files created by the desktop installer or the desktop grabber appear as a normal window only, I can't change it Involving: Desktop Grabber, Desktop Installer Steps to reproduce it: Simply create a new shortcut, text file, drag a folder, do anything to add a file to your desktop. Then move the icon towards the top of the screen (under one of your objectbar menu's). Then open the ob menu and you will see the desklet appear ABOVE the menu. However, normal windows appear on top of the desklets. My System: Windows XP SP2, Flyakite OSX 1.0, Tiger WB/OB, Explorer w/Fi
  19. This dock is great, I like how it behaves more like the Dock on a mac. The only thing I don't like is you can't drag files into the recycle bin, the dock tries to place them on the dock itself BTW. I kindof figured out the whole save settings on exit thing. When I rebooted my computer (meaning windows shut down the dock instead of me manually exiting), the settings did not save. So I restarted and got the dock how I wanted it, and then right clicked it and clicked quit. This saved the settings. Maybe it would be better if someone designed these docks to save settings everytime a setting
  20. I feel like an idiot. I should have checked the posts above but for some reason my head is not present. Thanx
  21. I love this program but I have a small problem. After I installed it, Firefox doesn't display text boxes properly. Do you know how I can fix this?
  22. I can't download from that link, can anyone else send it to me [email protected] = My Msn ID
  23. Does anyone know what's up with the update (2.7.2), i've been checking download.com for the past couple of days and there is no change in the file.
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