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  1. Also if there are any mods looking at this, could you retag this topic to [release] as soon as we get this thing hosted?
  2. I am now ready to release the first beta test version, please note this one is buggy. The main reason for the release is I want to make sure I got any compatibility issues out of the way The only problem is, I can't host files out of my computer so if someone could host a copy, I'm sure everybody would appreciate it
  3. I don't know anything about skinning engines. I can set the program up to accept custom images (i guess that would be what you were looking for)
  4. yes I did, thank you I'm almost done the program, the main interface is complete with the exception of the correct icons, I have to write code to enable the program to extract the icons from the files that it searches. Graphics wise it's pretty much 1:1, I have some really good screenshots that i've been doing side by side comparisons with. Then after that I have to create the preferences dialog for setting up all the user settings. You will be able to set up custom extensions and eventually custom groups (like applications, images, etc). So if you were me and you wanted a specific group
  5. i'm mad, I just discovered that the google desktop search doesn't list folders!!!! I couldn't figure out why spotlight wasn't ever displaying folders, then I did a regular desktop search and found out it didn't. So for now, it will be slightly limited, but I will figure out a way
  6. the widget thing is a great idea, I don't have a clue how to make them though. All you need is a basic widget that you could customize with a png of your choice (to match your skin), and an area where you can put the path and filename for the spotlight program (to pop up the menu) I'm sure someone out there that makes widgets could create one like this in about 5 minutes
  7. ok, I have a pretty large list of extensions that I extracted from my registry, I am going to pre-program them into the program, the user will have the option to add/delete/modify the list. Also I still don't know how many results from each group it displays on the drop down, so I will probably make it user-customizable and everyone else can figure it out. The first nightly build that i'm going to release will consist of a fully functional searchbar with a drop down menu of the results, the results will be grouped just like the real spotlight. As far as the "extended results" window, I have
  8. does anyone know if spotlight brings up html documents, i'm sure it does
  9. does anyone know if spotlight searches aliases (or in windows language, shortcuts .lnk)?
  10. thanks firecracker, that's a lot of help. I have been going through the HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT area of my registry to get more ideas, there are a LOT of extensions in there. I will probably enable users to add/modify the extensions list to suit their needs
  11. Just wanted to keep everyone up to date. Pretty much all of the graphics work is done, I am now working on making it recognize and sort different kind of files (Applicatons, Documents, Folders, PDF's etc). I am not relying on the windows registry to identify files because I don't want and part of windows peeking its ugly head through my prog, so I am defining the file extensions myself. If anyone could assist me in throwing up extensions for different types of documents, it would be greatly appreciated. So far I have: .TXT .WPS .DOC .RTF I want other documents to be included with th
  12. I know what you mean but when I watch the quicktime video for it, it appears to not begin until you press the enter key. That's why I wanted the progress animator, because in the video the user types in "yosemite", then presses enter and the progress animator animates for a second, then the results show up. I'm not 100 percent sure but that's how the video from apple.com appears.
  13. OK, got the progress animator in place, I got frustrated and made my own and amazingly even though I really suck at graphics, it looks pretty good. So far it looks and performs just like the one in the mac os video. Now I realize that different people have slightly different setups on their computers, for instance some may not have objectbar, and some may. I am going to try my absolute best to set this up so everyone can use it to it's fullest extent. There will be a hidden options dialog to set the exact screen location you want it to show up, also I might set it up to run from the syste
  14. I know what I need, I need a screenshot of the searchbar while it is currently searching. I need to grab that little progress animation from it, all I need is the image, I can do the rest.
  15. it searches as you type, or after you press the enter key?
  16. ATTENTION MAC USERS!!!! I need screenshots!!! Full size if possible. Details!!!, Everything anyone knows about this program no matter how big or small!!! I have completed the whole search thing, as well as being able to extract the results from the raw html. I only need to polish the interface, SCREENSHOTS!!!
  17. NIGHTLY BUILD #18 Released on June 14, 2005 at 2:30pm Eastern time Download ---------------------------------- Build #18 New Installer Fixed bug with setting the maximum search results in preferences ---------------------------------- Build #17 Fixed some more bugs added the ability for the user to adjust the speed of searches, you can set it to faster for higher processors or slower for slower machines ---------------------------------- Build #16 The progress animation is back, and the speed is adjustable Thumbnails are back, working on the large thumbnail view now, thumbnails are lo
  18. I was working a job that took up all of my time, I didn't have any time to spend on my projects. I don't work that job anymore so I am picking back up on my projects. I am currently working on a spotlight clone. So far I have a searchbar that loads the raw html of the search results from the google desktop search page. It's in Visual Basic 6.0, I may need to ask for someone's assistance that is experienced with reading raw html. So far I think I can figure it out but I am considering making it open source and releasing all of the source code to anyone who wants. I just want everyone to
  19. if anyone ever did the user agent switcher thing I have been testing and pretty much wherever you go on the net, some pages actually believe that you are running a mac operating system running safari 2.0. check out: http://www.webct.com/tuneup let you mac user friends have a look at that!!!
  20. I noticed something, when I tell windowblinds to ignore firefox.exe, I no longer have the problem (but my safari clone looks like crap because it has the old fashioned windows 98 titlebar)
  21. i'm here. I want to figure out the problem with not being able to type when I open the program withour maximizing/restoring the window. Is there so solution to this right now
  22. get the user agent switcher extension and create an identity using these values: Description: Safari 2.0 User Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; U; PPC Mac OS X; en) AppleWebKit/412 (KHTML, like Gecko) Safari/412 App Name: Netscape App Version: 5.0 Platform: MacPPC Vendor: Apple Computer, Inc. Vendor Sub: 20030107 and then grab your SMARTEST mac user friend and challenge him to prove you otherwise!!!
  23. hey everybody, I just really freaked out my mac friend with the user agent switcher. I set it up to make the browser literally appear like it was safari. I then went to www.browserhawk.com, which is a site that detects all of your browser settings online, and it said Safari 2.0, Macintosh platform, osx, all that stuff. When my friend saw this, he finally told me "ok, now you really got me convinced". HA HA
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