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  1. can anyone host this??? the new file is 1.99mb, it has an installer packaged with all the required files
  2. I found a cookie called [email protected] in my Documents and SettingsAdminCookies folder I don't know how these things work, or if this is even the one that does it, but I am going to try deleting it to see what happens
  3. does anyone know where internet explorer keeps the cookies on the hd so I can analyze them?
  4. Here is a problem I am having: When the program tries to initiate the search, google returns a page with no results saying "Your browser is unsupported, click here to use this browser anyway". I thought I put in the correct code to automatically initiate this link and create the needed cookie on your system, telling google it's ok to use the browser. I appears to not be working so I am investigating further, but that's where the problem lies right now
  5. I wish some of the other 5 people that downloaded this would post about theirs, so I had more to work with
  6. yeah, that's what I have, this is killing me because it works perfectly on my computer. And nobody else responded so I have to assume that not even one person has had success with this program. I initially did have a problem with the google desktop search telling my program that it was an unsupported browser, but it gave me the option to continue anyway. I inserted code to emulate the user clicking "ok, use my browser anyway" but something is still not lining up
  7. WAIT A MINUTE!!!! Can anyone tell me the ip address that is listed in the url of the google desktop search results window. I think that's the problem!!!
  8. not that I know of, but I just wanted to make sure
  9. yeah, that's fine. That's just to kinda show you where the security code is located. Is there anyone on here that has had a sucess with the program, if so please let me know so I can narrow down these bugs
  10. Larsen2k4!!! What language are you running on your system?
  11. you do have the google desktop search installed, correct?
  12. as far as getting the security code on systems other than english, I don't think it will make a difference.. but we'll see Also if this program starts working for anyone, could you post your sucess here so I know I am making some kind of progress, thanks
  13. ok donnie, try to delete the spotlight folder in the registry alltogether and re-run the app
  14. Donniedarko, open you registry (regedit.exe) Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESoftwareSpotlight under that group, could you please list all of the attributes that are listed there so I can analyze it
  15. this one opens the files that you click, but for some reason the windows picture and fax viewer is not playing nice with it. Sometimes I think all microsoft programs are built in with a "Mac" detector that messes things up if you run any cloned programs!!!
  16. The fixed file has been posted, please check the first post to download. Simply overwrite the old exe with the new one and run, it should work now. There was no way in h*ll it would have worked on anyone else's computer before because no matter what, it was using the security code from MY computer!!! It's always the simple little stuff that gets me
  17. AHHH!!! I know why it isn't working!!!! Hang on a few minutes I will have the fixed version up. The security code that everyone is programming in is being ignored by my program!!!! My stupid mistake, that's why it works on my computer but nobody elses
  18. Try opening the google desktop search in ie, then obtain your security code and set up the preferences like is stated earlier. I am still working on some of the other bugs
  19. also, to make this prog work the best, you want to edit your google desktop search preferences Set the max results per page to 100 Make sure all of the search types are selected except web history sorry I forgot to mention that earlier
  20. fmpuk, you did enter your google desktop search security code in the preferences dialog, yes?
  21. I am still working on trying to find some of these bugs. I am also adding code that will let the program look into the registry to find out what programs to open different file types, so you can actually open the files instead of just searching them To those that are having problems, is your computer up to date. The reason why I ask is this program does not contain any 3rd party controls, it's built completely on microsoft windows common controls so if you are up to date it should work.
  22. has this prog worked on anyone's computer, or did it completely bomb?
  23. I'll have to look into the french thing further, not sure how to work with that As far as not being able to enter text, that's weird. I'm checking over the code right now to see what the problem is
  24. Current release: Nightly build #2 to make things easier for everyone, the release has been moved to the first post of this topic
  25. This copy has very limited funtionality, it does the search, but when you click on a result sometimes it doesn't load for certain files. Other than that, when you first run it you will see the options dialog appear, you have to then follow the instructions and program in your google desktop security code, then you can use the slider controls and set the exact screen location you would like spotlight to appear. The program consists of only one file, you can place this file anywhere you like on your computer. Also the show all function does not work yet, but that is coming soon, I just want
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