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  1. ok, the forum is messing with the link when I put it in, I got it in now but there is a space in it (I don't know why).. "" Copy and paste it into the addressbar and get rid of the space, that should work
  2. no Copy this, make sure there are no spaces, enter it EXACTLY AS IT IS into the addressbar and click go "" for some reason the forum is putting spaces in the url, go through it and make sure there are none the forum keeps messing with my url!!!!
  3. Ivan, when you copied the link from the post, did you right-click it and select copy link location, or did you select it and copy it?
  4. ok when you install it, double click on the search bar, the preferences window will open in the addressbar, put the following url in and press Go: Do no click on this, copy the link You should see the google desktop search window load in the box below the address bar (hopefully) let me know what happens, and make sure you have removed all occurences of spotlight.exe before installing the fixed build
  5. ok everybody, I figured out the problem. Thanks to Saladin, for his help!!!!!! Unfortunately, this program will always work on Saladin's computer, I am not able to recreate the error on his computer so I need one more person that can help me finalize this fix. I simply need to give someone else a general url to enter into the addressbar, the one I have to saladin will only work on his computer Let me know who else can help, if i'm right about the next part, I can have this program working for everybody!!!
  6. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I thought I never would have gotten the thing working!!!!!
  7. as far as I know, the program should now work for you
  8. if that doesnt do anything, try this dont click this, copy the link and paste it into the addressbar on the diag screen and press go http://Localhost/ok?url=%2Fsearch%26s%3Dm6...A4pY7KzJhhqCGOs ARRGHH!!! Why does this forum keep putting spaces in my url!!!!
  9. for some reason, this forum is putting a space between c5bQZ and MQ%3, when you put in the link, take out the space
  10. Saladin, enter the following url into the addressbar in the diagnostic window enter it EXACTLY the way it is here, and click the go button /ok?url=%2Fsearch%26s%3Dm68WiDzOEplEvuHQoT7%5Fc5bQZMQ%3Fq%3Dtest%26ie%3DUTF%2D8&s=EICwJ21kx6hqA4pY7KzJhhqCGOs
  11. nothing showed up in the raw html file?
  12. All I need is 1 person to give me this info, and I am almost 100% sure I know what the problem is and how to fix it, I just need this confirmation
  13. I just released the diagnostic build on page 1, please download it and follow these instructions carefully: 1. Completely uninstall the old version 2. Search your computer for any occurences of spotlight.exe, delete all of them 3. Install the new version NOTE: The program will install into it's own folder in your Applications/Program files folder, it will NOT install in the windows directory (my mistake) 4. Run the program, if you are not able to pull up the preferences, double click the spotlight searchbar and it will pop up. 5. Make sure all the url information is set, then enter some
  14. msvcrt.dll is a file that the visual basic setup bootstrap automatically installs, I don't have control on what files vb feels need to be installed when I package a program. I will be releasing a new build with a diagnostics page, this will allow users to give me specific information on why it is not working. I'm close to 100% sure it has to do with the unsupported browser thing.
  15. you might want to go into regedit and delete the folder containing the old settings HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESoftwareSpotlight Delete the spotlight folder and run the new spotlight.exe
  16. were you able to click ignore on the errors?
  17. Well, it's been 40 minutes so I guess everyone is having success? :confused:
  18. Go to the first post, I just released a new test build NOTE: You will have to set up your preferences again, it is done differently this time. Pretty much you will be doing a desktop search in internet explorer. Then you will copy and paste the entire first part of the link before your search criteria into a box on the preferences dialog, as well as the rest of the link after the search criteria. An easy way is to search for all caps : XXXXXX, then select around it. (there are full instructions in the prefs dialog_
  19. does it give you the option to ignore the error, if it does click ignore because you should already have that file on your system
  20. ok, go to the first post and click on it, something will happen
  21. alright i'm doing the yousendit thing right now, that seems a little easier
  22. geocities is retarted, I put the download link on the first page, when I click on it it says the page isn't available. Then when I put the cursor in the addressbar where the link is and press enter, it downloads I had to kinda figure it out myself, I just added the filename to the end of the web address
  23. I just opened a geocities account and uploaded the file, I can't find anything on there about downloading it
  24. I need someone to host a file for me, or tell me where I can host a file easily for download
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