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  1. you know what, I the floating button thing is floating above everything which is kind of a pain. What if the button wasn't always on top and you just changed the image on your objectbar to a transparent image, giving room to fit the button in place I am going to experiment around with this on my system p.s. sorry there havent been any updates in the last couple of days, i've been really sick lately.
  2. could you link me to that video?, or email it to me?
  3. as far as the new features go: 1. The floating button thing is in place, I just need to add config settings to the prefs dialog The floating button sits on top of all windows, even if your taskbar or objectbar is set always on top. The user will be able set custom images for the regular and pressed states. When the button is pressed, it changes to the pressed state, and remains that way until the menu is closed 2. As far as the program closing when you click on something else, it does that because it was initially designed to act like a menu, the user will be able to enable/disable this o
  4. i know, I haven't gotten to that yet I have to go to work now, see you guys later, I will probably upload the new version with the cloating button and some more features tonight
  5. i don't want to do a systray icon because it's just not good enough, I already have the floating button working, it makes it look exactly like in osx along with the button being highlited like any other menu. I just need to add the entries to the prefs dialog to enable the user to customize it. I am tired of relying on windows, and using the systray is another way of bowing to microsoft. Trust me, the everybody is going to love the floating button
  6. yes it does, now I know I have fixed the problem, and I can start on some nifty features The first feature will keep spolight running all the time, there will be a "button" that will allow the user to set up custom images for up and pressed states, this button will float above your windows taskbar or objectbar where the spotlight button would usually be. The custom image thing is for those who use different kind of themes, you can take the images right out of yor objectbar theme and set them up in the program Thank you to everybody for your help in testing, there was no way I could have don
  7. you are using the latest fixed exe from spotlightexefixed.zip, attached earlier?
  8. but you are getting results, that shows that the program is properly connecting to the google desktop search. Try doing a search for a single letter like E or A, that usually brings up a lot of results
  9. no problem, keep an eye here because I have a lot of cool features that are going to come out.
  10. after I isolate this problem with bringing up no results, I will release the next build with that problem fixed. The problem with images not loading is simply due to the fact that the windows image and fax viewer does not play nice with my program, eventually you will be able to customize what programs open what types of files yourself, right now it is attempting to rely on the windows registry to run files I will also get started on some more features, like I said before it will be fully customizable, i'm even going to make it skinnable. But right now there's no point in skinning somethin
  11. erasing you reg will not do anything, if it is already working then it will always work from now on. I need someone that has NEVER had it bring up any results because supposedly the new exe I released should work right out of the box. Unfortunately if you already have it working, your no longer useful for testing this problem, but thanks Once again, I need someone that HAS NOT HAD IT WORK AT ALL to install the fixed exe that i attached a couple of posts ago, run it and try to do a search. let me know what happens
  12. not worried about the install, that's a microsoft problem I need to know if when you downloaded the fixed exe, did it pull up results WITHOUT you having to go into preferences and do all that stuff. This is VERY IMPORTANT!!!
  13. ok, stop where you are megalo did the program run without you having to do all of those stupid steps above?
  14. Now just to be sure, i'm guessing that everybody on here followed the main instructions posted earlier in this thread: Under google desktop preferences, disable web history, change maximum search results to 100 if you haven't done that, goog luck trying to get it to work
  15. I SCREWED UP!!! Download the attached copy of spotlight.exe run it and try to do a search, I had some incorrect variables in the program if that doesn't work, try this: 1.Download the attached spotlight.exe and replace yours with it 2. Run the program, double-click spotlight to bring up the preferences window 3. After you have made sure that the url is correct, enter something into the Search Criteria box and click on the search button 4. As usual, you should see the results in the webbrowser box, this shows that your url is correct 5. Click on the Sniff Url button, at that point you should
  16. don't worry guys, i'm still working on this.
  17. Sacas, did you download the new exe from above? this one sniffs out the code needed to tell google its ok automatically
  18. has anyone got it working with the new exe, i need to know so I can release the next build?
  19. ok, I need someone who has not been able to get it to work to download this copy of spotlight.exe and tell me what happens. I put in code to sniff out the url clearing the unsupported thing automatically, simply run the program and see if it works spotlightexe.zip
  20. it's ok, I am writing code now to extract this url and initiate it automatically. And no, I can't, the control analyzing the code is the inet control from vb. It's based on internet explorer but for some reason google doesn't recognize it as ie. I should be done the fixed build in less that a half hour
  21. ok, so I found the problem, all I need to do is write some code to automatically extract that one url and initiate it. Since you did that, a cookie was created somewhere on your computer telling google that your ok with using an unsupported browser. Can you believe all of that just because google want's to remind you that your browser is unsupported!!!
  22. did you see the google search page appear under the address bar?
  23. MPAMpoUALs: "http://Localhost:4664/ok?url=%2Fsearch%26s%3DkAC8l7cbKWCGy9JpDcrDlyV7tGw%3Fq%3Dmayia%26ie%3DUTF%2D8&s=8ZGTW7omNVd25pTW7stezYb2oac" Paste this link into your addressbar, remove the spaces and click go, you should see the google desktop page appear below the address bar, if it does you are ready to roll!!
  24. ok, here's what you can do, this will be a little tricky but this is what I had saladin do 1. In the preferences dialog, enter some search text and press search 2. In the rawhtml box, near the bottom (scroll down) you will see a link that looks almost exactly like the one I posted on this forum Example: href="/ok?url=%2F%26s%3Dbvizpe2Q5nVGVoHbe9EUUM5w3Xw%26q%3D&s=QrPJy5VIIOy2D5pinKQbhUs-yxQ">click here to use your unsupported browser 3. Copy the link between the parentheses starting with /ok?url= 4. Tack on or http://Localhost:4664 to the beginning of the url
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