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  1. Build #12 is on the front page Fixed the problem with opening files, I discovered an api that facilitates opening of files for me so I don't have to extract the info from the registry (which obviously doesn't work well). And I also changed the program icon to the spotlight icon (at least one I threw together with icondeveloper)
  2. Sorry about that, the fixed version is now on the front page. If you have any problems, clear your settings in the registry and restart.
  3. and I just noticed in my task manager, smaller memory usage and next to no cpu usage (even when searching)
  4. Build #11 is on the front page, many improvements made. You can now access the preferences dialog by opening the right click menu from the menu button. The button will no longer sit above full screen video or screensavers, but it will stay on top of your windows taskbar or objectbar so you can always access it. The searches are smoother and faster and the show all dialog looks a little more closer to the real thing
  5. Sorry it's taking so long, this is turning out to be a very tedious task. I promise the next build will be a lot more stable and a lot nicer
  6. I ripped the whole program apart, i'm kindof starting over on alot of the program. I complelety redid the show all dialog, it works way better. Mainly the results get updated way smoother. I completely deleted all of the code for the menu so I could redesign it. because I couldn't figure out why the menu wasn't showing results that the show all dialog was. I should have something today or tomorrow
  7. I see where the search menu doesn't pick up as much as the show all dialog, i'm on it.
  8. Yes there is a filter, it is an extension filter. For Instance Applications is limited to exe and msi extensions. If you want you can add to these by opening your registry editor: Open regedit Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESoftwareSpotlight You will see entries for Applications, Audio, Videos, Images, etc the extensions are delimited by the | symbol simply edit the value and add/subtract as many as you like, be sure that there is a | at the end and beginning of the string after editing, exit and restart spotlight and the changes will take effect. You will be able to change these values alo
  9. i am working on the always on top thing, it is designed like that so it stays above youw windows taskbar or objectbar (so you can click it). I am drumming up code that will only call it to the top when your mouse moves over it. Also that error: IMAGEVIEW_FULLSCREEN is due to the windows picture and fax viewer. i'm guessing you have the picture and fax viewer set as the default for image files? If you do, change it to your favorite program buy clicking on Tools/Folder options in explorer. For some reason, windows does not like third party programs running the picture and fax viewer. Who k
  10. Build #10 is on the front page this one has the show all dialog box, sorry but all the stuff on the right pane is not functional yet but it is coming. I am also scrapping the thumbnail thing for now because i found that it was slowing down the searches
  11. you do know that you can move the menubutton wherever you want, so the placement should always be correct News: Started working on the show all window, so far it's coming nicely. It's actually easier to make than the first part of the program. I might have the next one out with the show all dialog sometime this week
  12. Sorry it took so long, there are 5 different links from yousendit on the front page
  13. I'll have a few links up in a few minutes
  14. build 9 is on the first page fixed problems like settings not saving, opening files, etc.
  15. Build #8 is now available on the first page
  16. Yes it is!!! it's faster and more effienent, XML is AWESOME!!! Also, when is says Show All at the top, it now says Show All (5), showing the total ammount of results returned, thanks to how simple xml is to examine. I gotta learn more about xml because I am getting all kinds of great ideas
  17. SALADIN YOUR A GENIOUS!!!! it works beautifully, and I only had to modify a little bit of code!!! Saladin is now an official Spotlight developer!!!
  18. is this xml? file 17546 Window controls.bmp C:Tom's ProjectsWindow controls.bmp 127623226471090000 1280 x 1024 pixels, 3.7MB /thumbnail?id=6%5F6GQP5b2fpa3%5F%5Fv%5F%5F&s=xdNzXqEI18Jr8MMUNVHB9KB0R6A /jpg.gif [url=""][/url] file 17539 spotlight.png C:Tom's Projectsspotlight.png 127623088691560000 682
  19. Chad - Yes, when the final first release is done, it will go on osx-e, right now it is still in development, the purpose of this forum topic is for everybody to download nightly builds and give me error reports so I can improve the program Now about the xml thing, I don't know hardly anything about html or xml, but I am very interested in this, if someone knows how I can use this xml thing it would be awesome, is there some kind of vb control for it? Right now the way the program is designed, when you press a key the current search stops and a new search starts, there were other things makin
  20. I just wish I could figure out how to make the results show up smoother, i noticed as your typing sometimes the results will be garbled for a quick second, no big deal but i'm a stickler for detail
  21. the reason why it takes up 21mb is it has to allocate a lot of space to feed all of the raw html from the desktop search. At first I had it load into an invisible textbox, but I found that this was way slower. I figured out how to have it display folders. Technically gds doesn't search for folders themselves, but if you type in the name of a folder, it gives you all of the files in that folder. So I am actially extracting folder names that match your search criteria, they will appear soon. I also figured out the problem with running files, I needed to put quotes around the file to be open
  22. as far as the program being 21mb in memory, the only way to rectify that would be to remove funtionality from it making the code smaller (which would mean we would be going backwards), besides 21mb isn't that much, is it? I am working on some of the other problems now, it's very difficult because the google desktop search is not designed for find as you type. We probably won't be able to expect the same results as from the real spotlight program. And yes, I will remove the project1 thing. I think the thing that would really make sense would be for it to not show up in the task list, only i
  24. I am still working on things right now. I have been adding some features to the program and I ran into some problems. I added a feature that allows those who don't want the program running all of the time, from objectbar you can add a switch called /OBSTART when running it, this will tell the program to load the menu immediately, and then closes the program when all is done. If you run the program without the switch, it will load the floating menubutton on the screen and spotlight will stay running. I am also figuring out a solution to the problem with the floating button appearing above a
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