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  1. build 18 is on the front page New installer, fixed bug with setting the maximum search results in preferences
  2. don't worry, I have build 18 coming out in a few, with an installshield installer. I was using the crappy VB 6 installer before.
  3. great news, I just bought Install Shield. If anyone has had any installation problems, you shouldn't anymore (for close to $500.00 there better not be any problems)
  4. for anyone that had problems downloading, there is a new link on the front page from and ftp account proviced by CDi2.
  5. no, we had a problem on the first builds, it was not working on anyone's computers except for mine. The program works by performing a google desktop search through a hidden browser, then loading the raw html into memory and extracting the results from it. The problem was google was sending a page back saying "were sorry, your browser seems to be incompatible, click here to use your browser anyway". So I had to manually have users send me all this info from their computers in order for me to figure out how to do it. Then I was able to program a diagnostic tool to assist in getting it workin
  6. so that means that you didn't have to go through all of that diagnostic crap like everyone else a while ago. Hey Saladin, see, your XML suggestion fixed yet another problem, I removed the code from both of those builds that would sniff out that url that allowed google to use the unsupported browser. I guess when you request the results in xml, google doesn't care what browser your using, awesome!!! And yes CDi2, that would be totally awesome if I could use an ftp account. let me know when you have it up
  7. I am aware of the problem with the wrong search results showing up, I just spotted a slight problem in the show all dialog. I know what the problem is and I am fixing it, it will be fixed in the next release I am also reincorporating the thumbnails for image files, I took it out before because it was slowing things down. I actually adopted the spotlight way of showing thumbnails, show the results first, then load the thumbnails so you aren't bogged down
  8. hey blulegend, I have an important question for you. Is this the first build you ran on your computer?
  9. ok, the new links are up The next build will contain hotkey support to bring up the spotlight menu and/or the spotlight show all window I am also working on the "real" spotlight preferences window, when it is complete, clicking on spotlight preferences will show the real one, not the one I made. The one I made will be hidden somewhere (to keep uneducated users that are using your computer from accidentally screwing things up)
  10. well, i'm gonna have to use yousendit until I find something better, the link will be updated in a few minutes
  11. If anyone is a mac user that has tiger, or has pear pc with tiger on it, let me know because I need to ask you some questions about the show all dialog
  12. build #15 is on the front page I am trying out the yahoo briefcase which appears to be alot easier than yousendit, and I don't have to worry about the bandwidth or downloads maxing out so quickly Changes in this build include: Added the option to automatically close the spotlight menu when you click on something else Added the option to make the spotlight menu always on top The Show All dialog no longer closes when you open a file Added code that displays "No Results Found" in the menu if there are no results Added the clear button in the search menu
  13. do you know of somewhere else where I can EASILY AND QUICKLY put these up. I use yousendit because it's quick and easy. Alot of people have offered to host it for me but that means that if I want to put up another build, I have to wait for that person to get online and send him the file, then I have to wait for him to upload it and post the link, by the time that happens I already have the next build. I will search the net for some other options. You should be able to download from yousendit, I don't see why you wouldn't. Try doing it in internet explorer
  14. it's a beta until it's perfect. Now is everyone saying that in tiger's spotlight the show all window doesn't close when you open a file?
  15. Build #14 is on the front page I added the ability for users to edit the file type extensions for the groups. you will find a button in the preferences window, it is very important that the extensions are separated by a | symbol. There must also be a | symbol at the beginning and end. The reason why office files weren't showing up is because for some stupid reason I didn't put in .doc files. Simply open that dialog and add |doc| to the list and click apply. The menu entries under the spotlight search menu now truncate automatically like this 01 A Long Winter - Razel Got Her W... instead
  16. so, if I click on the entry to expand the results of a section, does that section take over the whole window hiding the other groups?
  17. Build #13 is on the front page Changes include a nicer preferences dialog, also the initial setup is alot easier to understand and do. Fixed the problem with mail messages showing up in all groups, they now have their own group but they don't open right now (i'm working on it) Fixed the bug displaying the wrong number of total results in the Show All () menu item Found some more potential runtime errors and fixed them The next step for the program will most likely be a preferences dialog that mimics the spotlight one, allowing you to add/delete file groups and change the order in which t
  18. I am going to upload what I have, it searches mail messages and puts them into their own group. I just cant figure out how to open mail messages so it won't open them, instead it will open the containing folder
  19. working on that right now, it's putting mail messages in all of the groups
  20. that's the beauty of Visual Basic, it's usually so easy to fix problems. I tried opening every kind of file I could search and so far had no problems
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