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  1. sort of does the same thing, but I used this method because it literally does not load anything else at startup without my first consenting to it.
  2. I always hated the fact that in Windows, little programs could sneak their way into the startup lists in the registry. Finally after my computer slows to a crawl, I open my tray to see 30 icons. I found out a way to completely take control of what your computer loads at startup. I recommend that only advanced and power users follow this tutorial. Please realize that following these steps will stop newly installed programs from adding anything to your startup (like icons in your tray). Everything here is completely and safely reversible, this is not a hack of any kind 1. Get out a piece o
  3. Hi everyone, sorry I haven't updated you guys. I've been tied up with setting up a new home theater pc in my living room. I am back on working on the .net version. It might take a while because I want to make it really full featured and stable when i release it.
  4. This dimensions out ok: Public mSearchClass As New Microsoft.Windows.DesktopSearch.Query.SearchDesktopClass it gives me three methods .ExecuteQuery .ExecuteSelectQuery .GetType but that's all,
  5. so far I added the WDSQuery.dll, as a reference. I have tried to dimension the object but it always gives me an error So far I tried this Dim mSearchDesktop as New Microsoft.Windows.DesktopSearch.Query
  6. I really want to use the windows desktop search for my program, but I literally cannot find anything on it using vb.net. I do have a C# sample program but I don't understand C#. I guess eventually someone will put some info on the internet about it
  7. I think everybody is a little misunderstood about the multiple versions thing. Me and Saladin have exchanged notes, the only problem is he works in Visual C .net, where I work in VB .net. We both don't know enough about each others programs to be able to work together indefinetely, but we have tried our best to provide each other with as much knowhow as possible. Saladin has definetely been a large part of the development of spotlight, he has helped me a lot. We are both working hard to create something awesome, who cares who releases it as long as it's good. Besides, it's good when this
  8. Hey everybody, I'm working on the .net version and it's coming great. It will be so much faster than the other ones since the old one loaded the results into listboxes, this one will load them into string tables (all of the sorting will go on completely in memory).
  9. Sorry it's taking so long, I have been working on the core of the program. I am taking my time building the core to make sure it's efficient and bulletproof (no errors). So far .net is handling everything well, searches are fast and accurate.
  10. a fatal error has occurred: System information: ------------------- Machine Name: TOMLAPP OS Version: Microsoft Windows NT 5.1.2600 Service Pack 2 Manufacturer: eMachines, Inc. Model: Imperial System Type: X86-based PC Total RAM: 765MB Processors Count: 1 -IntelĀ® PentiumĀ® 4 CPU 2.40GHz at 2392Mhz Bios: PTLTD - 6040000 Current Date/Time: 6/29/2005 2:50:07 PM TimeZone: (GMT-05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada) Graphic information: -------------------- Device: 0 Name: NVIDIA GeForce4 MX 440 GDI Name: .DISPLAY1 Display Mode: 1152x864 at 70Hz X8R8G8B8 ID: 171 Revisio
  11. realitybath1 - you are CORRECT excluding Itunes in the windowblinds config fixed the problem immediately, thank you
  12. I am getting a double titlebar when I open itunes. You see the mac titlebar with the windows one on top of it. Anyone know what i'm doing wrong. I uninstalled the old mplugin and installed the new one
  13. good thinking, it shouldn't be complicated at all to integrate spotlight into the new finder clone.
  14. yeah, I send him a private message, waiting to hear back
  15. anyone in here well experienced with .net, please pm me thank you
  16. installing visual studio .net enterprise architect now, after it is installed I will begin converting spotlight!!!
  17. me too, I just didnt realize how difficult it would be to create this scrollbar control, I have so many things going wrong with it. God I wish my .net cd's weren't broken
  18. I will be adding that capability soon. Right now I am working on making the show all dialog 1:1. I have had a very hard time doing it, I found a control on the net that gives you scrollable frames (that I could use for the categories, making them all scroll together), but the scrollbar is not skin aware (which is not acceptable). So I am in the process of designing my own aqua scrollbar control to accompany it, so far it looks really great, I just have to add the scrollable frame part.. I am eventually going to move this to .net but I have to wait until I can afford it, I had it before but
  19. guess what everybody, I know this is off topic but I just figured out how to make a random wallpaper changer that transitions like osx. I just tested a quick throw together on my computer and it's awesome, it's just a little high on cpu usage when the transitioning is going on. When I get .net, I am going to rewrite it under that (since .net has way better transparency handling) and of course i'm going to import and recode spotlight in .net. It will be better because i noticed that the vb6 controls don't support as many image types as .net.
  20. you have to go into the spotlight preferences and follow the setup under the setup tab either do a search and click on spotlight preferences at the bottom of the menu. Or right click the menut button and click preferences in the popup menu
  21. I have decided to move this project up to Visual Studio .net. It should run alot smoother and more efficiently then. I just have to go and buy another copy because when I dug up my vs .net disks, they were broken. I'll update everyone on the progress
  22. I will look into that temporary internet files thing. I have completely ripped apart the show all dialog, I have to design it differently in order to get the one scrollbar all the way at the right side of the window. It's a very difficult process so it may take a while
  23. you all may want to uninstall all the old versions from add/remove programs, just to clean up the mess
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