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  1. i downloaded it that morining it was just just put up. i beat the rush, heheh. :6
  2. the proper PS (with crisp or sharp text edges) image just looks a whole lot better in my opinion.
  3. make the text Aqua-Soft.org in the banner actually an image. you did it corectly at aero-soft.com basically what im sayin is you did it correctly here (which can be seen on the wiki page) just put that on the forum banner. it was correct before the whole forums collapsed when the new ipb version came out. but it looks crumy now.
  4. but still. does any one know how to do those buttons? i need a up and down button. ive seen it done on http://noxiousx.net/index.php can anyone help me out?
  5. my bad. i saw that post, but i didnt know it was at that site. >.< // brazil, where can i get that bush icon? //
  6. kidrocky7 where can i get the 'Blue Skies and Beetles' wallpaper? // rooskee, agon, Seph can iget those walls please? //
  7. @javagreen: thnx! @Eric: NVM @kidrocky7: can i get the wallpaper from here?
  8. Can i make a suggestion that if teh people know where they got there wallpaper that they should give a link? Cause it is asked sooo many times. // javagreen, Eric, kidrocky7 can i get those walls? //
  9. very very nice! where can i see v1?
  10. back one page there was talk about a blue theme for the site. NO! this aint aqua-soft so keep em diferent and stick to the longhorn grey theme.
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