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  1. He has? I was looking to try a new DoS technique
  2. Heh I remember the whole transparent monitor jig
  3. S'alright shmengie, at least you won't be running into those old professors you used to find so annoying.
  4. Have a good 'un! Hmmm, nice excuse for a thread hijack
  5. Washburn Idol WI64DL is a good buy in that range. If you like Ibanez you might want to look at the RG Prestige line. Alternately look at Jackson guitars. Both of these are assuming you're a metalhead.
  6. An ESP eh. Oh well, to each his own. BTW bh2 have you seen a Washburn Idol. IMO it blows the LP away, I own one
  7. Well I'll be... so that's where you were! Or that's what you want us to think you were
  8. I MBBS University exams in less than a week. The paper represents a mugful from the entire ocean. Yep, it's very fair
  9. Things wouldn't melt. A lot of water would boil though, if it got in the way. You do know your body is 70% water
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