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  1. Hi folks, is there a JetBlack Theme for iTunes out there? Thanx for your help Sascha
  2. @esXXI do i feel there some "bad karma" between you and me??? I made two posts(this one and the "grim53 birthday-tread") and u post 2 unnecessary answers... so whats going on? Yes you're right...these iPods are nothing special, no big deal, but i made them and i wanna share them with this community...so ok, don't call it"release" call it "share" with the people who like them. I can't reinvent the iPod, and by the way i dont use the magic wand tool, i do it with the erasertool @ Peter thanks, thats why i "release" them, because you're a lazy guy;) Sascha
  3. @esXXI Shows me that you never bought fine lingeriè for a woman... maybe it's a clichè... but girl's love fine underwear, and boys likes iPods Sascha
  4. I guess YOU like the iPod, when you drive with her;) Boytoys ar good, for boys... buy her some...kitchen stuff, thats what girls like :cool: ...or naugthy underwear Sascha
  5. well, what can i say? Self is the man... I do my own within 5 minutes lol Sascha
  6. As the title says... but an old black G3 Powerbook Icon. Does someone has one? A PNG would be great, Thanks in advance Sascha
  7. True swedish power? I guess you mean Volvo Cars, right? Sascha
  8. der friedfertige Raubfisch - the peacefull robberyfish Sascha
  9. hi, i guess, well i'm sure the clock uses the same font as the rest of the OB theme...so, when you change the size, it work for the whole theme. Maybe i don't understand your question Sascha
  10. hi, you can do this with SkinStudio form Stardock, open your OB theme with it. There you can change what you want Hope it's help Sascha
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