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  1. Try this http://oooadaooo.deviantart.com/art/Freshness-23839962 I stand corrected... download link at DA only points to preview image
  2. Actually Smoovie... you can use this as a docklet with AveDesk. throw this badboy into the docklet directory and presto you got yourself a AveStacklet...
  3. @ChristianS Keyboard keys assigned shortcuts by software yes. Though I don't think i have the settings right when i try to get the standalone working properly, seems to come up as an error.
  4. @ChristianS: any chance you can make this standalone work with customized keyboard buttons? I really like your idea in making it work off of the taskbar/shortcut... but i rarely use the taskbar, and i don't like the idea of having shortcuts on my desktop...
  5. Was browsing around and found quite a good number of ideas surrounding the HUD interface, thought that this would be a good idea for media players alike floating around. http://www.deskmodr.com/skins/mplayer-hud-...by-anchang.html
  6. Actually you can successfully use styler and windowblinds together... if you open windowblinds and load up the default WinXP theme and then open up styler or whatever VS program you were using to begin with and then apply a VS and presto you'll be able to run both without any problems... from what i've read, opening VS in Windowblinds can mess up the alignment and things of that nature when it comes down to it. And opening VS in skinstudio (if you have it) you'd end up having to readjust the skin as a whole manually editing it so it will display in windowblinds Hope this helps
  7. Anyway somebody can mirror this, i'm getting a corrupt file anytime i download. I'll throw my 2 cents for a name... IC2 Dock
  8. @matonga: I don't know if your aware but i think you may have a bandwidth issue with your hosting site. I tried to head over to your page to grab the update but couldn't be found. Also i don't know if this is your account or not but i'd take a look at this if you weren't aware: http://anarchj.deviantart.com/art/Leopard-Stacks-72627319 Anyway that you can upload the current build to DockEx.com
  9. Okay, well this is greatly improving day by day since the first time i've seen this posting. I personally think that this is awesome... its been a while since there's been any kind of docklet type of development. Globally is it safe to say that it works using RK, Rocket, AveDesk, with the exception that shortcuts aren't working as they should? but opening folders work fine? I'm just wanting to get a general census... so i don't think i'm going nuts from a user standpoint, I've been playing with this for the last day or two.
  10. I find this to be kind of cool if your not one to fish through your start menu. Bjorn: Actually I just installed it using RocketDock and I've got 3 Separate stacks running at the same time. I'm assuming because its a docklet, that you should be able to have more than one instance running similar to how kkmenu was able to. giving the different settings to each stack it should work fine.
  11. Is there a way to have this active when using the Win+E shortcut? I use the shortcut quite a bit but i usually end up having to activate FindeXer through menu. Can somebody give me a work-around of sorts? BTW: awesome work... keep it up!
  12. http://www.virtualplastic.net I'm pretty sure this is where you can find your answer. Anything that can be modded in Windows in general can be found here... correct me if i'm wrong.
  13. Your screen shot there is actually a version of Aveshell created by BetaguyGZT. Paired with a theme Vista theme by Jemaho As far as i know Aveshell was based on a mix of Litestep and Samuraize. If your really interested in trying it out or whatever... then give BetaguyGZT a note he'll be able to send it to you or even give you a link.
  14. where's the link for the wall? only thing i see is the thumb
  15. Awesome work... you're work is amazing and very intuitive... i can't help but support your work. I was impressed with 1.2 and now this... just amazing.. your dedication to the community and to your work is exquizite.... *Cheers* my fav... is ur combination of systats and as well as AveTunes... just awesome. p.s. let me know if you need a mirror.
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