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  1. Hello all, It's been a really, really long time since I've visited. Truth be told, I was out of app development for quite a long time. I've recently gotten back into the game with a nifty little app that I use for checking my many gmail accounts. You can find the app, Gmail Notifier Plus @ http://www.neowin.net/forum/topic/974848-gmail-notifier-plus-23-roadmap/page__st__30__gopid__593751876 . (Sorry mods, don't mean to promote another forum, just thought it would be useful) Anyhow, the point of the thread is that I'm starting new with Nubs, and bring it back to life. This time, it's open source and I welcome contributions. You can find the repo for Nubs on GitHub @ https://github.com/shellscape/Nubs . I'm still in the process of porting all of the old (really effing crappy) vb.net code over to C# and .NET 4.0. But you can track my progress there for the time being. Feel free to clone/fork as well. Cheers
  2. Hey Spas, I was originally developing this for use in some apps I was working on at my last job. Since I've left, the reasons for this client have kind of evaporated. I did sell a copy of the source to a company at one point and I need to review the terms of that sale. If permitted, I'll likely open the source and post it. Thanks
  3. I'm amazed people are still using this Well done.
  4. I've started working on a Kapsules comeback. Just fyi. The technology is finally available to do what I wanted. So we'll see how it pans out.
  5. Phoshi, I don't think your take on english humor is the best way to go about encouraging more development. Comparing it to IE in that regard, even in jest, is downright disrespectful. Phoshi, please do not respond further to this thread. Your posts will be removed, as you've worn out your welcome. I would lock the thread, but I would like to encourage the other users to continue to participate. Thanks for the backup mushu and mps, it's much appreciated. EyesOfARaven, if you happen to revisit this thread, please post a screenshot of the font dialog you're seeing.
  6. Thanks for the suggestions. Nubs hasnt really been updated since the first release because, well, there really hasnt been that much interest in it.
  7. Oh he's still floating around I'll see about having a look at the old widget this weekend. Look in the config file for the widget and let me know what version you have. I havent been developing on kapsules in some time, but I still have all the old code around. So I could probably take a look at it for you.
  8. Instead of javascript, use css for image rollovers. http://alistapart.com
  9. I would try it out if either of the download links worked. FF
  10. I'm going to be avoiding the menu bar at the top. I have some (imho) good ideas for how to avoid that bar and still allow for easy navigation to features.
  11. Thanks. Individual nubs only close when you close the window or you tell the nub to close. I'de really like to expand the app and do some more work with it, but the response from people on the whole hasnt been that resounding. It's been up for a long while now and only has about 10k downloads. I'm sure if there was a sudden surge in interest in the app again, I would put some more time into it. Perhaps the lack of interest is due in part to the lack of forums on shellscape. But I havent the time to implement forums again
  12. One of my all-time favorite icons sets is Buuf by mattahan. They have an amazing quirky style that looks almost like they're molded out of clay, and the names for the files are hilarious. Well, turns out mattahan is at it again with a second Buuf set, and at Shellscape we have converted it for use with IconPackager, and provided a download with the original images in 128x128 png format. The download is 100% free and we encourage you to support mattahan (donate link is on the follow page). You can snag it here.
  13. ObjectDock clone Thats a first. We really need a guide for use on the site. Perhaps its time to investigate a wiki.
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