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  1. I´m surprised nobody mentioned how this will affect Apple itself. Adobe now has the monopoly of all 2d/web/print software market, the Apple´s bussiness core. and lately the relation between Apple / Adobe weren´t the best due to some common interests (pdf´s royalties, adobe not developind video software on Apple systems etc). Of course in the end money will talk higher... but it´s still interesting to think about all this implications.
  2. Hi badseed. Can you tell me wich files should i hack to get those icons in the systray? I´m currently trying to find out wich ones to edit... Thank you!
  3. Hi Hobbes . Very nice work! [Edit] The cursors are perfect forget all i said before in case you had read it[EDIT]
  4. Hello Arimatheia! Nice to see you around at aqua-soft. Welcome! I already know those wallpapers from your site (Macmotiva). Nice work!! And there´s much more there... See you! MikegraphiK
  5. I would like to have them to Here is my e-mail: [email protected] Thanks raduking!
  6. Hi Jimmy S It means: something that describe myself (something that caracterizes me) Cheers Mike
  7. Can´t you provide more details? If your motherboard is old probably the chipset used for graphics isn´t powerfull enought to support Mobydock requirements (ex: intel onboard chips), if the board in more recent we need to know wich chipset is using. It´s from nvidia? Do you know wich motherboard do you have? Model? That info would help a lot. Make sure you have the latest drivers installed.
  8. Hi smokiii Wich graphic card do you have in your system?
  9. Justeep89 Wich graphic card do you have in your system? Make sure you have the latest drivers and Microsoft Directx 9 installed as well as your system color deph set to Highest (32 bits).
  10. Hi Ferhedio! Right-click on Mobydock separator, a popup menu will appear with entries for adding the weather and clock items again. Regarding the start menu question, i´m currently checking a way to do that. Regards, mikegraphik
  11. Is this (pngs.zip) the same icons , in png format that were in the first file posted (PantherIocns.rar) or there is diferent resources here? Anyone got it (pngs.zip)? If they are diferent please someone upload it again since the original link is broken. Thanks , mikegraphik
  12. [EDITED] Everything is solved. Mobydock.com is up and runing again. This post can be deleted.[EDITED] Hello all! We regret to inform you that last night mobydock.com was ddosed, or attacked. Currently we are unable to answer e-mails, or process older support requests. A temporary site is up and running at www.mobydock.tk until we can solve these problems in our main host. We would like to thanks InviNex (www.invinex.com) for all their support regarding this problem and i´m sure everything will be up and ready soon. We are sorry for any incovenience this may cause to you. Thank you Best
  13. Thanks to a new partnership with InviNex Network, who provided us a new host, Mobydock.com site is up and running again. From InviNex Network: "The inviNex Network is a committed group of high quality, high content sites. These sites are from a variety of different topics and subjects. We offer a community filled with discussions on various topics. We feel that the community as a whole is what keeps the inviNex network running at such a high capacity." You can find more details and links about this new affiliation on our site. We regret to inform that due to our downtime, we were unabl
  14. JZolloXP I´ve taked note of your sugestion, and i will talk with Moby about it. One note: Moby IS the develloper of Mobydock. I know nothing about application programing. I just take care of Mobydock looks/graphics and site. Cheers, Mikegraphik
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