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  1. The quickest example I could find was from the Studio MX 2004 folder iconset from Mubicons as seen below. Thanks again!
  2. I am looking for a PNG or ICO of the MX 2004 logo, with the wide stylized M and X above 2004. Im wanting it as the primary icon for a Studio MX 2004 flyout. Thanks!!!!
  3. @natedogg: Actually I have had problems registering on Samurize also. :rant: I finally just gave up trying to do so and lurk if I have a problem to see if I can find a solution to some problem I'm having...or post it here I haven't downloaded this config, so I don't know exactly what needs to be changed to make crni's album art show this skin, but basically you get album art running, then right-click on the tray icon for it and select Edit ConfigFile... from the popup menu. Once you are in Config Editor you should be able to click on the background image Album Art uses for its iPod
  4. Thanks to everyone for all your help!!!
  5. TADIS!!! You are the man!!! (Y) That fixed everything!!! I don't care who's fault it was, I'm just glad everything works again!!! :own: :woot:
  6. Yes, iTunes was installed long before I ever got Samurize, though even at that I did check that the plugin was actually in the iTunes plugin folder. At this moment "Samurize Plugin 1.5" is listed in my list of iTunes plugins in the menu. Thanks for trying!
  7. I have been having this problem since Samurize version 1.40. I originally thought it was a problem with the new version not working with Tadis' wonderful Milk Suite, but it is not. It seems to be particular to my system. Every config I have (Milk Suite, CRNI GuiPod, iTunes Art Popper) which needs AMPI gets nothing. I have completely uninstalled and reinstalled Samurize 1.4, 1.41 and 1.5 with no success (includes deleting original install directory). This problem has existed with iTunes 4.2-4.5 :dizzy: I have attempted to go into config editor to figure this out myself. The only thing I have
  8. Thanks for the clue! Works like a charm :woot:
  9. Okay, I must be stupid or something, but I don't find any way to get the menu as shown in the screenshot. Left-clicking either starts iTunes or brings it to the front. Right-clicking just shows the Dock Item Properties... item. Im running iTunes 4.2 and have multi-plugin v .5
  10. Excellent work Gladiator. I didn't have that particular problem (In fact I have had absolutely no problems with weather) but good job all the same! (Y)
  11. @NeM I appreciate everything you have said. As stated previously, I do understand that Samurize is free and I understand that I didn't have to upgrade. The only reason I did was because of the list of fixes and because at that time I did not find any comments about any problems with the configs I use. Live and learn
  12. @Tadis - Great work (as always)! :woot: In media widget, On/Off, Back, Play, Stop and Forward all work again, although I still have no media info displayed when the media widget is expanded fully. Album Art widget refuses to appear at all. FYI, I installed .3 with Samurize & iTunes closed (of course). Each widget is being started using the supplied shortcuts. Weather and system widgets seem to work perfectly. Using Jet skin. Should I uninstall and re-install Samurize (again)?
  13. @Alilm. If I mistook your comments, I apologize. The problem with a text message is you get no tone of voice, facial expressions or body language. :console: @Tadis, I appreciate your saying all that. I very much appreciate the stuff that guys like you and CRNI put out. I don't know that I would have the patience to do some of the stuff you guys do. :woot: I also appreciate NeM and the gang doing what they do. I hope no one misunderstands that. I simply would like to be able to consistently have the app work from one iteration to the next. I didn't mind having to do some tweaking on
  14. Yeah, I get the range check error or the widget simply doesn't appear at all. It's sad that once again Tadis has to put more work into such a great package to get it to work again. Not his fault. I would really love it if could spend the time working on new things instead. He and CRNI are the bizomb! :own:
  15. @Alilm: About just exactly what am I ignorant about? The widgets worked just fine under 1.3x. I upgraded to 1.41. Then they don't work. I run the 'fix' for them and things get worse. I completely uninstall Samurize, reinstall 1.41, reinstall Milk 0.2, still doesn't work, reinstall Milk 0.2 fix, still doesn't work. I understand programming is not an easy thing, particularly for an app with as many capabilities as Samurize. My only point is, with every release, as many problems are created as are solved. I have seen far to many posts of people who refuse to use Samurize or have quit using it fo
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