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  1. Thanks guys, I'm glad to be back, just hope my upcoming icons will be approved. I'll see what I can do about a template, I'll put it on my todo list (that is way to long at the moment...) Thanks buddy, (if you are Jonas that is), how on earth did you learn to be such a master of pixels in so short time?! Tell me your secret!
  2. Wow, I'm stunned! Excellent work mr Panda! :cool:
  3. Nothing fancy, download @ Deviant Updated with a black version
  4. Thanks you guys, really glad that you like'em. @ Unbeliever! Looking forward to see your complete vector set, it looks awesome! :cool: @ [email protected]! I've noticed that you've been quite busy lately, love all your work! Using Suma right now.
  5. Slowly getting back to iconmaking, things* are finally back to normal in my life. Releasing this as a "welcome back gift... Download @ Deviantart * - work, girlfriend, apartment
  6. Simple trash icons... made these on a break from my system set. Any other colors wanted? Download @ Deviantart
  7. Wow, give us more, more I tell you! Excellent work my friend.
  8. Thanks! They're coming, starting working on them yesterday.
  9. Clickety click wall - http://www.fatoe.com/ | gui - quad |icons - mix
  10. CS2 remakes, nothing fancy, thought I'd release them anyway. Everything is made by me in ps. I'll make the others asap when I get back from my vacation*. Download @ Deviantart * going to Southeastasia for 2 months. :cool:
  11. thanks a lot guys. @gnomexp thanks, don't think I deserve it though... it's Magbi9 work.
  12. I started making folders and ended up making these... Download @ Deviantart
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