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  1. The main reason is to do just a single MySQL call to the procedure increasing the performance when dealing with many changes. Having PHP to perform 100 Queries for each item - is much slower when you do it in a Procedure using via a single call. After a while I came up with something that works pretty well. Here it is in case anyone is interested: BEGIN declare cs varchar(8000); declare i int default 0; SET cs = '1,43,6,7,8,9,23,131'; WHILE LENGTH(cs) > 0 DO SET i = LOCATE(',', cs); IF (i = 0) THEN SET i = LENGTH(cs) + 1; END IF; # # this prints the -id
  2. Hi everyone, I am wondering if someone can help me out with MySQL Procedures. One of the inputs to the procedure is a string made up of numbers separated by commas; e.g. "1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8". Is there a way to explode the string into an "array" or at least loop through them? The idea is a split() equivalent functionality in a MySQL Stored Procedure. Thanks for your time, Haitham
  3. Ok. You can now filter in dockex for 5 apps (Y'z Dock, Yahoo! Widgets, SysStats, RK Launcher, Object Dock and Ave Desk). People will be able to start submitting items and links to resources by the end of this week.
  4. Good idea. I added that to the system. The categories won't be online until the end of this week. Thanks!
  5. Thanks LoofyGun. I am adding support for people to be able to submit and download Yahoo! and Apple dashboard widgets -- I am open to others as well.
  6. Thanks! The header link now takes you to the home page.
  7. DockEx.com version 4.0 (beta) is now up and running, although not 100% complete. Still working on some issues. New Layout New Menu Interface - Items - Tags - Messages (not enabled yet) - Friends - Bundles (collection of items you can bundle together) - Favorites - History You also now get your own "my DockEx" page. Examples: http://my.dockex.com/users/albeik http://my.dockex.com/users/judge The rating system uses the same framework I have been working on for broova.com (see http://broova.com/info for more information) I tried my best with all the technologies implemented to have a
  8. This thread can be locked. I have resolved it. I had to "resolve" the LucidaGrande font (under FontBook) and that fixed it (after a restart)
  9. I was playing around with my fonts on my mac and I am afraid I over-written some of the defaults... now my fonts are bold a. Anyone can help? thanks!
  10. I uploaded the file on one of my servers... hope this helps... http://broova.com/tmp/vtp5.zip (right-click save-as)
  11. thanks Andreas -- I actually tried this before and when you recommended this again I went back to see why would this not work ... then after some searching I noticed that my hosting service uses an older version of mySQL. I need at least version 4.1... They said they are planning to upgrade to 5 sometime soon... I hope soon. Thanks for your support. This is all related for a project I am working on called broovaâ„¢... (about) (preview)
  12. I am not sure if this is the right place to ask this question. It's a mySQL question that I am trying to figure out the best "algorithm" to ge the result that I need. Consider the following Table "Boxes_Toys". It is a list of boxes and the type of "toys" it contains. Each box can contain toys ranging from 1 to 10. [B]Table: Boxes_Toys[/B] [B]Columns: Box => Toys[/B] b1 => t1 b1 => t2 b1 => t3 b1 => t4 b2 => t1 b2 => t3 b2 => t5 b2 => t7 b3 => t1 b3 => t4 b3 => t6 b3 => t7 I want to write a Query that asks the following: Select the boxe
  13. Don't be sorry! You are the man! Thank you very much!!!
  14. I hate to bring this thread back up again -- anyone still have that file? I recently formatted my computer and lost the file (forgot to back it up). Any pointers to the file would be great. Thanks everyone.
  15. oh... the reason I thought it was old news is because I saw it on digg then. http://digg.com/software/TopDesk_Offers_Fl...ilar_To_Vista_s Looks good, though!
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