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  1. I'm sure it wouldn't be real difficult, but too difficult for me. But it would be cool if someone could make just a simeple almost run box, that you can type commands in and stuff.
  2. yea the buttons need work, but other than that its look very very sweet!
  3. What would we do without Haxor Fox. Let us all bow and praise him for what he's done. *sarcastically* Anyways, thanks Three Drives its awesome.
  4. I would like this too, but I found it for DesktopX and NOT Samurize. Maybe I'm just blind though. Or maybe another good calendar widget for samurize would be nice. Please post a link
  5. You could always convert a YZtoolbar theme to the bmps you needed. Its really easy, from what I can remember the icons are all in order. I'm pretty sure all you have to do it pretty much is crop the part your need for shell32.dll. Think its actually a combination of two resources from shell32.dll
  6. for watercolor lite see this thread http://www.neowin.net/forum/index.php?show...2&hl=watercolor
  7. OMG, THIS IS NICE!!!!! really smooth and so far no problems. Thank you very much
  8. Looks Great! Thx Thundercats HOOOOOOOO!
  9. if you've ever noticed, alot of yztoolbar themes can easily be cut down into bitmaps for Shell32.dll. I believe (not sure) that on Yztoolbar themes, the first 16 or so icons/pics go to resource 204 and 205, and the rest are 215 and 214. I could be wrong on which resource numbers, but you can cut down Yztoolbar themes for Shell32.dll bitmaps easily
  10. OMG, awesome skin. took me forever to get teh text to center in the lines but I finally got it. Using Lucida Grande. Thx again for teh WMP9 skin.
  11. go here http://www.freestructure.net/cacophobia/do..._icons/HiResXP/ and wallpaper here http://www.freundt.org/florian/_wall_1600.htm
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