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  1. And don't forget, you need my permission before releasing it:)
  2. Ya, I'm working on a windowblinds 5.0 Tiger version of mine, but need someone to do the shadow graphics. If you can do that, email me at [email protected] or add me to your msn.
  3. It only works with windowblinds 5.01 or the beta before that version, not 5.0, no idea why.
  4. Does anyone have that itunes4 1.1b skin for wmp9? If so, can you email it to me at [email protected]il.com The link at deviantart for it is dead, and searchnig here produced no results, much appreciated, thanx.
  5. Re-downlaod the skin pack from deviant art, I updated the instructions for the bubbles about a month or 2 ago, so should be straight forward to get em working.
  6. danny5025...Thanx for the link For the rest...will think about releasing an alpha/beta, but if I start getting pestered about something that is...yes....an ALPHABETA then I won't Couple things I wanna get done first on it too, so will keep ya posted...Anyway, here's a screenie so far. Also Magnus Wild was working with me on this a while back, so wanna get in touch with him, see if he still wants to help out, if he doesnt have time or whatnot, will try to get it done myself when I can;)
  7. Hey guys, been really busy lately with work and things. I'd like to finish this skin, but there's f ew things I don't know how todo yet with thunderbird's skinning engine. If anyone's familiar with it, drop me a message or email whatever, and we can figure something out;) P.S. Anyone here have the extracted Tiger resources from the main interface? Updating my Tiger windwoblinds skins for w.b. 5 but need teh original Tiger resources. Thanx.
  8. Might be a while yet. Both me and Magnus have been busy past couple weeks. And there's still a few things we're not sure of how todo in the code, so gonna be a while yet
  9. K here's an updated screenie, sorry it's a crappy .jpg Comin along nicely...as for the small icons, we'll try if possible.
  10. K, guys we got it sorted out, and are continuing working on it. let's not start the spamming k?
  11. K, we kissed and made up and will continue
  12. Ok all, I'm pulling out of the project. Once again I'm reminded of the attitude and selfishness of people. Instead of Magnus Wild expressing his wants maturely, he chose to act like a spoiled rotten child and threaten me with not being able to release the skin becuase he didn't like a font used. So I said he can change the font..but he ranted on and on and threatened me, and I gave him an ultimatum "you give me attitude, I pull out" so...he gave me more attitude, so I'm out. And I stated to him, I will check his final release should he do one, to make sure none of my code or graphics were used
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