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  1. that isn't the problem because i can get to the login screen, it just wont accept my password, when i know it is the correct password. i am able to use VNC to connect, so I don't really need remote desktop, i just liked it better because it seemed faster over dialup. but this way i dont need to log in.
  2. he connects to it through remote desktop also. and i connect to it with the ip address. theres only one username and password for the computer, and he is able to use that to log in without any problems
  3. Ok, I just started having this problem a couple days ago. I have a computer at a friend's dorm where I can remote connect to it, using Windows XP's Remote Desktop. I have been doing this for over a year now with no problems. Then, all of the sudden the other day, I wasn't able to log in. My friend can connect just fine over a lan to the computer, but for some reason it won't let me log in with the same username and password I have been using. Nothing has changed that I know of. I have had another friend in another location try to connect, and he wasn't able to either. Does anybody know what th
  4. I replaced my shell32.dll file with replacer and a couple days later it reverted back to default somehow
  5. Yes I am, thank you for helping. I'm glad its nothing very serious.
  6. I scanned with Norton and Ad-Aware.. both came up with nothing. Any other ideas? Oh and it first started happening when I installed the newest ObjectDock (dunno if that has anything to do with it or not)
  7. Has anyone else had this problem? I renamed My Computer (and My Network Places) and changed their icons. I have had them changed for a long time. Then the other day I restarted and for some reason the icons and names reverted back to their defaults. This happens every time I restart now. Any ideas?
  8. Does anyone here use Callwave and/or have OSX icons for it? Maily for the systray. Thanks.
  9. ok thats cool.. thanks for finding it. now if only i could find aqua replacements..
  10. well the stobject.dll that i got from iceman has the default windows icon for that. any idea where i could find an OSX version?
  11. Does anybody know what dll contains the icon for the battery systray icon for laptops? It's the one that says whether the battery is charging or on AC power. Also why I'm asking about that would anyone happen to have an OSX icon for the 'Safely Remove Hardware' icon? Thanks for your help.
  12. Not really a bug or an issue, just something that has yet to be fixed. i'd like to see is done with the way the labels are done. right now they aren't antialiased and look crappy. Edit: Found a bug. Every time I try to drag the clock docklet off the dock ObjectDock crashes..
  13. one thing i'd like to see is something done with the way the labels are done. right now they aren't antialiased and look crappy. are there any plans to fix this?
  14. i was able to get everything to work but the toolbar background picture
  15. thanks for the tip for the batch file. now i started using that for all my games
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