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  1. Well that's beacuse you are a good admin ! My school's is definately an asshole. The fact here is that the machines are wasted. Big machines -> Science lab, slow computers -> library. It doesn't work the other way round :/
  2. Things used to be so much better on that board ... I don't see why anybody should get used to this.
  3. VolPover3G is preconfigured to work with fring out of the box.
  4. My school finally got some new computers. In the science labs and in the mechanics room we still have got the old ones (except for one or two) while the library have got the shiny ones. My mechanics lessons imply a lot of 3D modelling (solidworks), and even if the new computers are 2ghz C2D, modelling on computers with GMA 950 really sucks.
  5. 1) It will be customisable 2) These are the first betas. Leopard's beta with the green background looked like total shit too.
  6. Good job. (I grown tired of gnome desktops)
  7. heh ? you can share data with windows computers. just check the right boxes in vista and osx and the computers will magically apppear in Network for Vista and in the Finder Sidebar for leopard.
  8. Well, you can argue over the fact that there is a lot of good science applications for science on OSX but I'm sure they have their windows equivalents.
  9. Having Windows XP SP1 computers isn't that bad ...
  10. Facebook. Myspace customization is THE thing keeping me out of that website. Facebook is unified so your eyes don't die at every new profile you open
  11. Well on my side I bought an used xbox 360 (1 year old) and kept it for one year, it is still working ...
  12. Anyway here is a quick screenshot : MSI Wind under archlinux, using lxde (openbox + lxpanel) mookid gtk theme
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