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  1. exactly, vague, because it doesn't support SSL. I have done my research on this, there's nothing around yet. That's why I asked about projects. I'm currently using Ave's docklet and the official gmail notifier. mgehrett
  2. i've seen that, but does it also check pop mail for other accounts? i couldn't find any way to do it. i want to check 2 e-mail accounts, like with Ave's OD docklet. mgehrett
  3. There isn't a POP3 mail checker that can also get gmail. There are two ways to fix this: 1. Integrate gmail check with a POP desklet. 2. Integrate SSL so you can access gmail through POP. Anybody heard of such a project? mgehrett
  4. in the open dialogue of the html template, use "all files" and seleft pm2k5.html (or ichat.html, whichever)..... this was never fully explained, but that's how i got it to work. mgehrett
  5. I'm actually glad they released the photopod for a different reason... I kinda want an iPod that's just a music player - not a do-everythinger. Maybe this'll make the vanillapods cheaper!
  6. new stuff: show duplicate songs, built-in minimize to tray and mini-mode on top, CD diagnostics (worthless, imo), iPod tab in prefs (i don't have an ipod, so i don't know what it does), and photo sync support for NEW PHOTO IPOD! that's all i can think of. note: still works with AveTunes, but not mplugin .52
  7. I absolutely love firefox, but one thing peeves me about it - when you set it as default browser, it sets the firefox icon as the default .png icon. Windows Previewer thing still opens them on double-click, but the icon just bugs me. Is there any way [i[within firefox to make this not happen? When I change it in filetypes it sometimes doesn't stay. Thanks folks! --mgehrett--
  8. operation times out when attempting to connect to freesoftlabs.com? anybody? is it just me? hmmm i wanna see this mgehrett
  9. This an awesome update, Kite! I've been a loyal user since way back in 3.6! I have noticed something, and I'm not sure it's your fault. But in the picture and fax previewer, the rotate buttons are swapped. The button for "rotate clockwise" is pointed counter-clockwise, and so on. Is that a file you modded or did I get that somewhere else? Anyways, I'm going to try to reshack it and see what happens. Thanks again - I love the new display properties look (well, all of those config dialogues are awesome!) --mgehrett--
  10. hey contral - i'm curious about the TeX stuff... I googled it, but i can't tell what to download. Is there a good Win32 versiony thing you recommend? (I don't even know what to call it!) thanks mgehrett
  11. To continue with the theme of half-stupid questions: I understand that it mods the common tasks, and is not an application like XPlore. I understand that I can enable the shellstyle and it will look like this. But - do we have to use a VS you release, or can we just use this .dll with any VS? I never use common tasks, so I don't know exactly how they are implemented. By the way - this is a brilliant idea! I'm extremely excited about this new development. --mgehrett--
  12. In the last release before this one, I had it set up so I could minimize iTunes to tray without enabling the tray icon. I would minimize it, and it would disappear completely, the shortcut on Yz Dock would restore it. Now, it just disappears, and I can't bring it back without killing the process and restarting it. Is there any way you could bring that quirky feature back? I like hiding my iTunes and using Tadis's media widget to control it. thanks for the contribution! --mgehrett--
  13. I had the same problem when I updated to 1.31, so it's not just you. I reverted back to 1.3, because I didn't have the energy to figure it out. Hopefully they get it sorted! mgehrett
  14. NEVERMIND!!!! Sometime in the last five hours something caused everything to work perfectly. IT'S AWESOME, all hail Tadis!! --mgehrett--
  15. HOLY CRAP!! I was in the middle of creating a multi-frame gif to show you what I mean, and you've already answered my request! YOU ROCK!! [edit] You still rock, but I get an error when I try the link. See the picture below. [/edit] What exactly did you update to prevent crashing? I don't want to re-download and have to recreate my mods if I don't have to. Thanks! --mgehrett--
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