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  1. It is great, but I can't download it. The link in y9ur ealier message is dead. Can you post a new link? Thanks, and great work!
  2. I totally agree. The recent "petition" at Emaculation to get Stardock to release a free version of the old Macvision bar was really disgraceful. The only things worse were the insulting comments made about Stardock and personal attacks against Brad, who was kind enough to release (and continually upgrade) the great (and free) ObjectDock. I can only assume that those people are still supported by their parents and have no clue how difficult it is to make a business succeed, especially in an ailing economy such as ours. Ken
  3. I for one am really looking forward to Smoke and Flyakite's WB OSX skins. I recently saw a post here with a 19 meg download of actual OSX 10.2 resources. I'm not sure where it was, but it was posted within the last dew days. Can't wait to see both of your work.
  4. ObjectDock is an excellent program, and jumps ahead by leaps and bounds with each release. Thanks again for all your work on this and I can't imagine what the 1.0 release will be like.
  5. DGM1960

    Bravo Jef

    Absolutely great work and thank you for releasing it! I can't wait to see where it's going.
  6. This is amazing! Stash, you've done a fantastic job and I can't wait to see how this develops! I also had the problem mentioned above where the program crashed on clicking the "+", but I reinstalled the aqua controls and now it works just fine. If I find any good iPhoto pix on the web, send them along. Thanks for all your hard work on this. Ken
  7. DGM1960

    Ob .70 Here

    The dock is getting better and better! However, small issues with .70: I had to completely unload Desktop X, as the program crashes on startup and all objects are lost. Desktop X then crashes when I try to create new objects to replace those that were lost. Also, when I try to add a new dock item (in this case a My Docs folder), although I get the OD preferences dialogue box, when I try to change the icon, OD freezes and I must control-alt-delete to close out OD. These 2 issues have only occurred since installing .70. I'm running XP SP-1 on an 800MZ PIII with 256 mgs of RAM. Thanks. Ken
  8. I just gave Picasa a try, and I'll definately buy this one. It's great, and if someone can skin it, I think it could be very close to iPhoto. Thanks a lot for the link to Picasa. Ken
  9. This is not good... Apple may be purposefully ignoring this, but it's not a good idea to start throwing it is their faces...
  10. DGM1960

    About Yz Toolbar

    I have the same problem. In IE, the icons switch places and I must reload the program to get them back in place. Ken
  11. I must be doing something wrong, but I can never get MobyDock to load. Well, it does load up and run (according to my task manager), but nothing appears on the desktop after I've double clicked the exe file. Does anyone else have this problem, and more importantly, how can I fix this! Thanks, Ken
  12. Thanks Nobski. It works great! For some reason, Smoke's suggestion doesn;t work on my machine. Ken
  13. I found this over at the DT2 forums. It answered my question and it works like a charm. Hope this helps anyone else who was interested: personally i just like hitting f3 but if you must: stolen right from virtual plastic... Using a script. Create a new textfile and enter these lines: Dim objShell Set objShell = CreateObject("Shell.Application") objShell.FindFiles Save and rename the file to find.vbs. Now simply link to the file with the applauncher or a regular shortcut. If you can't link to specific files, try this command line: "wscript.exe x:\path\find.vbs". here are so
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